Marketing after a Goodreads Giveaway

4.25"x2.75" Post Card TemplateI have just completed my second Goodreads giveaway. Nearly four hundred Goodreads members entered to win a signed copy of A Gourmet Demise: Murder in South Tampa. My first Goodreads giveaway for My Gentleman Vampire: The Undead Have Style netted nearly nine hundred entrants. I know what you’re thinking. I must have sold tons of books immediately following the contest. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

When a person enters your giveaway you can see all of their profile information. Books read, reviews, friends, the niche groups they belong to, et cetera. The information is transparent and yet protected by specific rules of author/reader interaction. The frustration from this  stipulation is like watching a friend eat a luscious hot fudge sundae in front of you. I am relentless when it comes to lost data. During my post-giveaway review I thought, what can I extract and utilize from this information within the rules and regulations listed under the author guidelines? Continue reading “Marketing after a Goodreads Giveaway”

Featured Book: UPGRADE

newupgradecover300 nolipsUPGRADE
by Stephen Hise
Psychological Drama/Suspense
Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

A wealthy but homely software designer undergoes a mysterious procedure that makes him attractive to others. With his newly-found good looks, he makes up for years of rejection by indulging in every opportunity. Emotionally unprepared for this bounty – he fails to realize his behavior has consequences beyond anything he imagined.

Book excerpt:

Brent understood there would be no scalpel, no bandages, no recovery time. The whole thing would be accomplished with some sort of concentrated sonic pulses or something like that. He understood that he would have to be unconscious for the procedure, but only to assure his complete immobilization so there could be no mishaps with the microadjustments.

He was told that he would become immediately attractive to people he’d never met before, or those who had not seen him in a long time, but that the effect would be more gradual on those to whom his face was familiar.

“I want this. Let’s go forward,” Brent said, anxiously.

The doctor pursed his lips and squinted thoughtfully at Brent for a moment. “You must be sure, Mr. Schoenfeld. I must warn you that beautiful people have their own crosses to bear. This procedure will merely address the issue of your appearance to others. People often think this will bring them happiness, just as so many believe wealth will bring them happiness, but you know yourself that this is not true.”

What others say:

“Stephen Hise’s Upgrade is an entertaining page-turner that will leave you stunned (in a good way) as you finish the final page.”  – Brian Beam

The Name on Everyone’s Lips: Effective Frequency

lucky 7I can’t count the number of times I have heard indies talk about getting a return on their investment when it comes to advertising. Most people consider an ad successful only if they make more money from sales of their books than the ad cost them.

It’s undeniably great when that happens. But that’s not what marketing is for. Marketing is not for selling stuff – at least, not directly. It’s for making your brand so familiar to consumers that they will decide they need whatever it is you’re selling.

A single ad does not familiarity make. There’s an old chestnut in the marketing business that it takes seven contacts with a prospective customer before you will see any results. In general, someone needs to see your novel seven times before they’ll decide to buy. The technical term for this is “effective frequency” (also known as the Marketing Rule of Seven). Continue reading “The Name on Everyone’s Lips: Effective Frequency”