Shore Scripts Screenwriting Contest

UnknownShore Scripts Screenwriting Contest is focused on discovering and promoting new screenwriting talent from around the world. We have Oscar and BAFTA Winning judges on board to decide on the winning scripts, not to mention over 100 production companies who will read this year’s top scripts. Features and shorts accepted. Sponsored by Final Draft & IMDB.

Entry Fee: Early deadline, features: £25 ($41 approx) Early deadline, shorts:  £20 ($32 approx)

Deadline: May 31, 2014 (early deadline)

Prizes: £2500 for Feature Winner, £500 for Second Place, £250 for Third Place, £500 for Short Winner

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Video Trailer: The Day We Said Goodbye

The Day We Said Goodbye CoverWhat do you do when your father is losing his life just as you are losing your mind? Run like hell.

At the close of A Grand Canyon, Ken La Salle and Vicky drove off into the sunset. Now, in The Day We Said Goodbye, Ken’s father is dying and Ken has to find a way to say Goodbye.

The Day We Said Goodbye combines the story of how goodbyes are often all we’re left with when everything we know fades away. It is a book for anyone who has lost someone, anyone losing themselves… and anyone who is lost.

The Day We Said Goodbye, the memoir by Ken La Salle, is available at and Amazon UK.
Don’t forget, you can cast your vote for trailer of the month on March 29, 2014 at 5 p.m. Pacific time.

Let’s talk about this for a while….

awhileA few people…no…some people… Who am I kidding? A lot of people seem to get awfully confused over ‘for a while’ and ‘awhile’. It’s one of those mix-ups I used to utter a sotto voce tut-tut over whenever I came across it in my review books, but I’ve seen the error so much lately, increasingly so, my discreet tut-tutting has developed into a bellowing ‘Grrrr’. Continue reading “Let’s talk about this for a while….”