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A while ago, we announced the institution of the Indies Unlimited Vetting Process. Some people have been very happy about that, others – not so much. Some authors have been very cooperative and eager to take the committee’s recommendations, others – not so much.

How do you feel about it?

I think the Indies Unlimited Vetting Process is:

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It’s a Cinderella Story

Cinderella Story and self-publishingIt’s that time of the year again. Here in the United States, the annual NCAA basketball tournament known as March Madness, The Big Dance, The Final Four and a host of other names is in full swing. This three-week event kicks off with thirty-two games in two days. Televised, streamed and watched by millions, every second of each game is available for consumption. In fact, Thursday and Friday of last week were officially the least productive days in the US workforce for the entire year. Continue reading “It’s a Cinderella Story”

Automotive Solutions: A Friend to Indie Authors

Trustworthy and reliable!

Here at Automotive Solutions, we recognize and sympathize with the plight of indie authors.

That’s why we offer a free publishing contract with every purchase. Not only will you drive off the lot with a premium previously-owned automobile, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing all the grunt work of editing and publishing* your work is covered!

Larry back there runs the copy machine and my niece is in honors English. The covers are all professionally done by the guy who does our signs. You won’t have to worry about no one being able to read your name!

You need what all successful authors need: reliable transportation. No credit? No Problem!** Come on down today and get a free bag of cat food with any test drive! The keys to success might just happen to fit in an ignition switch!

*Separate charges may apply to processing, handling, reading, proofing, editing, layout, design, cover art, other publication services, and marketing.
**Applies to cash transactions only.

Tips on Creating a Story Bible

story bible book mistakeSo, you’re editing the last part of your novel and mention a character’s sister named Annie. Or was it Annabeth? Or did you give in to that wild idea of changing the sister’s name to Rasheeda? You can’t remember, because you only mentioned the sister once–in chapter three. So, what do you do now? You could do a search for all three names. Or you could turn to your story bible.

What’s a story bible? Like the persistent bestseller it’s named after, the story bible is a guide book of sorts. It’s a compilation of all the crucial facts about your book. It lays out character backgrounds, story setting details, pertinent acronyms and everything else you need to know in one easy to find place. This is very useful when editing. And it’s downright essential if you’re writing a sequel, either a series or serial, as Stephen Hise discussed not long ago. Continue reading “Tips on Creating a Story Bible”