Do You Review?

Simon GoodsonGuest Post
by Simon Goodson

I’m going to make a few assumptions here, but I think they are all reasonable. First assumption – if you are reading this then you are an author or involved in publishing books. That won’t be true for everyone, but I’m pretty sure it covers most of you. That means you know how hard it is to get each and every review. You know how important reviews are. You know the excitement when you realise there’s a new review for one of your books.

Next assumption – you read a lot of books. If you’re an author you read far more books each year than you write. If you’re a publisher I bet you still read a lot of books outside of work. There was a time, before I started writing seriously, when I would read four or five books a week. I read a lot less now but it is still thirty to fifty books a year. Maybe more. Continue reading “Do You Review?”

Coming Soon: Changes to Facebook “Page”

Changes to Facebook PagesFacebook is changing their look again. This time, the “Pages” receive the makeover. Seems like they’ve been paying a lot of attention to the function and look of the “business page” aspect of Facebook ever since we started sharing here on Indies Unlimited.

I’m sure you are all very comfortable with the look and feel of your Author Pages by now. Well, say goodbye. This week, Facebook will roll out the new “Streamlined” look for Pages. The biggest visual change will be a one-column timeline of your Page’s posts. This means that your posts will appear consistent on your Page and in the News Feed. Continue reading “Coming Soon: Changes to Facebook “Page””

Featured Book: The Kiss of Night

TheKissOfNightThe Kiss of Night
by K. S. Brooks
Character-driven drama with a touch of suspense and romance
Available from Amazon and Smashwords..

Special Agent Kathrin Night’s career is over; a career-ending injury has her walking with a cane. FSB Agent Aleksey Khovechkin, Russia’s deadliest operative, is sent to protect her. Will being in close quarters with the gorgeous Russian chip away at Kathrin’s tough exterior? Or will it unleash a past full of painful memories?

Book excerpt:

The Russian opened the door wearing nothing but a pair of form-fitting boxer briefs. Kathrin’s eyebrows raised; she couldn’t help but admire his muscular body, which partially shielded the semiautomatic handgun he held in his right hand.

“What’s wrong,” he started. Then he noted her body-hugging fleece jacket. “You are dressed.”

“And you…are…not.” Her eyes traveled the length of his entire body, then back up to his face. “Uh…the septic guy is coming, remember? He’ll be there at 6:30.”

Aleksey’s eyes instantly awakened. “I’m sorry. I will be ready.” He turned, giving Kathrin a better view of his sculpted ass. She lingered, watching, just a moment longer.

What others say:

“…one very intense, modern day love story filled with many twists and turns – some serious and sad – some sexy and passionate – but very captivating, capricious and a page turner all the way!”  – Carla Gallway of Book Monster Reviews

Magic Realism: An Overview

signMagic Realism, or Magical Realism, has become a hotly discussed term among writers of both fiction and non-fiction. Indeed, some would argue that it has no place in fiction. Others disagree. It is also discussed in other art forms but I will stick to writing in this post.

I have been participating in a few groups where these discussions take place, mostly as a fly on the wall, listening and learning, occasionally offering a beginner’s question or comment. My interest was piqued when two other writers suggested that my books could fall into that category. So with the qualifier that I still have a lot to learn I will attempt to pass on some of what I have discovered. Continue reading “Magic Realism: An Overview”