More May Releases

Just in time for the long Memorial Day Weekend, here are some hot new books to take wherever you’ll be going.

Bone Girl 120 x 177Bone Girl by Annette Drake

A lonely girl learns to play the trombone. An abused stallion learns to trust. Together, they save their world.

Bone Girl is available is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

Dark and Disturbed 120x177Dark and Disturbed by Morgan Winters

A collection of 25 dark, disturbed, and demented flash fiction stories, complete with full-color photographs, awaits the brave reader.

Dark and Disturbed is available on and Amazon UK.

Suicide Supper Club 120x177Suicide Supper Club by Rhett DeVane

Four tormented Southern women band together to forge “the easy way out,” but life has a twisted way of changing misdirected plans.

Suicide Supper Club is available from and Amazon UK.

The Experiment 120x177The Experiment by Cristian A. Solari

The Experiment is about a highly advanced community that struggles to deal with a civilization that emerges from one of its own experiments.

The Experiment is available at and Amazon UK.

ultimatewolfcover 120x177The Ultimate Wolf by Nancie Paz

Kevin, a werewolf hunted by the U.S. government is about to be captured. Amanda reluctantly helps him. Can they possibly find love again?

The Ultimate Wolf is available through Amazon and Amazon UK.

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