Victoria Ann Carr Wins Flash Fiction Challenge

Congratulations to Victoria, whose entry won this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge.

The voter-selected story is recognized with a special feature here today and wins a place in our 2014 Flash Fiction Anthology, which will be published as an e-book when this year’s challenges are completed.

Without further ado, here’s the winning story:

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Book Brief: Love Hurts

Love Hurts - Carol WyerLove Hurts
by Carol E. Wyer
Genre: Dark romance, short stories

Love does not always result in ‘happily ever after’. It is a powerful emotion that, in the hands of a damaged soul, can be all-consuming, dangerous and even lethal.

In this collection of five short stories—some dark, some light-hearted—written by award-winning author Carol E. Wyer, we discover what happens when love takes over.

Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions.

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A Moment of Peace

hoopers island sunset 090101
Everybody needs a place to go or something to do that recharges, refreshes, and reinvigorates them. Tell us about yours. What do you do when you need a moment to get away from it all? Where is your bliss? How do you cope with the vagaries and vicissitudes of daily life?

Maybe Not Wonderful, but Okay

PW - Sponsored by IULove may make the world go round and money can’t buy me love. Even though some call it the root of all evil, I still find myself looking for ways to obtain more of that filthy lucre. If you have a website or blog, the eyeballs of your visitors are worth money. There are various ways to monetize your website. The most obvious and least intrusive is as an affiliate of Amazon or other vendors. If you have links to products on these websites, getting a cut when you send someone from your site who subsequently makes a purchase, seems like a no-brainer. But what about other options to pick up a little extra? Today I’m going to discuss advertising, focusing on Project Wonderful, one specific option to sell ad space on your site and also a way for authors and publishers who want to advertise to find potential sites on which to advertise. Continue reading “Maybe Not Wonderful, but Okay”