A.V. Carden Wins Flash Fiction Crown

A hearty congrats to A.V. Carden, whose entry won this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge.

The voter-selected story is recognized with a special feature here today and wins a place in our 2014 Flash Fiction Anthology, which will be published as an e-book when this year’s challenges are completed.

Without further ado, here’s the winning story:

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Book Brief: The Profiteer

The ProfiteerThe Profiteer
by Evan Asher
Genre: Romance
Word count: approx. 44,000

When Kelly hears that Hudson Industries is coming to her small town of Cedar Grove, she is afraid of what it will mean for her community, especially the downtown merchants. Her almost-fiancé, Curtis, fuels these fears. When watching the front desk of the motel for her best friend, Kelly meets a sexy stranger who throws her senses into overdrive. She’s baffled by her unexplainable response to this dangerous-looking man. Then she finds out he is Luke Hudson, son of billionaire Crawford Hudson, the enemy. Try as she might to despise him, his impact on her is undeniable. Before moving on, Luke will shake her safe, comfortable life down to its very foundations.

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Real Writers Have Thick Skins

Walk it offYou don’t have to spend a lot of time on social media to see plenty of examples of jackassery. This is not especially true of authors, but authors are people, so it is just as true of authors. Seldom does a day go by that we are not exposed to some kind of little drama – petulance, whining, back-biting, or fervent appeals to action over some imagined injustice. What a buzzkill.

When ignorance (don’t know) combines with apathy (don’t care) and arrogance (I’m special), you really have the makings of mega-drama. One of two things is usually at the center when this vitriolic mixture bubbles up to the surface. Either some author did not like a review they just got, or somebody’s book or guest post got turned down. Continue reading “Real Writers Have Thick Skins”