Am I Doing This Right?

Author Ken La Salle
Author Ken La Salle

Guest post
by Ken La Salle

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself, “Why do I write?” You know, as in, “Why, out of the million or more other things I can do during my time on this planet, have I chosen to make writing that thing that sets me apart from everyone else?”

Well, I do.

In fact, I have been asking myself that question since sometime in the early 1980’s.

And I never quite seem to find an adequate answer. I never quite nail it. “Because it’s fun,” certainly doesn’t cut it. “Because I’m downright awesome,” is far too egotistical. “Because I’m the best at what I do,” is something Wolverine might say.

No. I’ve never really been able to answer that one. I actually put it aside some time ago, chalked it up as one of the Great Unknowns in life. Now, when that question pops into my head, I just push it aside, push it aside, push it aside…

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Book Brief: Shadow World

Shadow WorldShadow World
by Chris Impey
Genre: Science Fiction
Word count: 104,000

Ian McEvoy is done with Scotland. No one’s ever used his first name – Ian; he’s always been just McEvoy, even to his mum. The Scotsman is leaving his hardscrabble childhood behind and looking for adventure. He’s shadowed in his travels by turbulent family history, a precarious relationship with alcohol, and large segments of his life that seem blank.

McEvoy soaks up science like a sponge. As he learns from the scientists he encounters, he realizes that there are profound puzzles built into the fabric of nature. His personal challenge is the puzzle of his past and his tenuous grip on reality. McEvoy forges on from his boisterous youth in the Arizona desert to a surprising climax in the twilight zone of northern Sweden. Does McEvoy’s final insight have anything to say about our own sense of what is real?

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Flash Fiction Challenge: An Important Job

Very Large Array, New Mexico, by K. S. BrooksEarly detection of a hostile missile launch is an important job. I always thought so, anyway.

This is where I worked. My job was to see the end of the world coming an instant before it does. Just an instant might give us the opportunity to prevent it.

That was before. I still come here every day, though I don’t know why. That wasn’t how the world ended…

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Book Promo Sites That Work

Book Promo PicEverybody wants to know which book promo sites get the job done. Now it’s time to share your experiences with book promo sites and which ones worked the best for you.

Some sites do better with free books than paid or discount books. Some sites do better with moving certain genres, so tell us about who did best for you and be sure to include whether the book you promoted was free or discounted, and what genre it was. Tell us the name of the site and give us a link! We’ll try to contact the ones everybody likes to see if they’ll do an interview!