A Moment of Peace

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Everybody needs a place to go or something to do that recharges, refreshes, and reinvigorates them. Tell us about yours. What do you do when you need a moment to get away from it all? Where is your bliss? How do you cope with the vagaries and vicissitudes of daily life?

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19 thoughts on “A Moment of Peace”

  1. I unplug from the computer – particularly the internet – and head outside to weed flowerbeds or trim hedges. Yard work is peaceful to me. 🙂

  2. A hot bath with some essential oils. Or knitting. Unless the knitting is on my nerves.

  3. I really like rollerskating as my me time. But, that’s truly if I have time and all the stars align. If I’m just swamped and stressed, leaving helps. A change of scenery in general, does me good. If I’m home, go out. Doesn’t matter where.

  4. Losing myself in good space opera science fiction by a favorite author works without leaving the desk in my office. If I need to get away from that desk, I go fishing.

  5. I go up to our family place on a Lake (here in Western Canada). The solitude is a balm to my soul as my life at home is very busy with three daughters, my very French husband, and managing my bizarre chronic auto-immune liver disease that will probably mean I will need a transplant in the next couple of years. I sleep a lot, sit on the dock, commune with the geese, and generally get LOTS of writing done. Wish I could attach a photo, but technically that is beyond me! 😉

  6. I love to take a cup of coffee to our patio and sit there drinking my cappuccino and listening to the wind chimes and mockingbirds.

  7. I like being alone in a quiet place, sometimes music (usually my office) and I read – that soothes my soul. All the places I would like to be, like near a lake in my hometown in New England or on the gulf in Florida where I used to live – they are too far for timely get always. A good book is always available 🙂

  8. My escape used to be playing the guitar. Unfortunately, having recently been diagnosed with adult-onset muscular dystrophy, I can no longer do that. So … I run to my music via albums. Yes … old vinyl type albums that hiss and pop. Twenty minutes of that and I’m good as new (which isn’t saying much…hahah).

  9. I sometimes get my guitar and sing really loudly. We live in the bush and my only audience these days are the birds or I sometimes grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine (depending on the time of day), sit outside and get lost in my thoughts. But sometimes I go for a walk if I can ignore the possibility of snakes or sometimes…lol. Depends how I feel at the time.

  10. A golf course. A little white ball forces me to switch off my thought on writing. Otherwise my score will skyrocket. Also it’s a very peaceful place to spend a few hours to refresh my being.

  11. I lose myself in a good book. And, believe me, I put in a lot of time finding books that to me are “good.” I have to like the protagonist and feel comfortable in the setting. Which means “urban-anything” is out. Don’t like cities. That still leaves me a lot of country. 🙂

  12. I garden, and read, and listen to music, but my real go-to for escapism is gaming. I get to kill monsters and save the world umpteen times a day. What could be better? 😀

  13. With a cruddy full-time job and three kids at school, “me time” is rare indeed. But I’ve got a pretty mean i-pod so I can usually be found muttering: “Just play some Genesis, and no one gets hurt” 🙂

  14. I get on my 1953 Ferguson tractor and go out into the fields. While it’s not quiet, there is some peace in it.

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