Featured Book: Mortom

by Erik Therme
Genres: mystery, thriller, suspense
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After his estranged cousin dies, Andy travels to Mortom to survey the estate. When he finds a dead rat with a key in its mouth, he thinks it’s some sort of joke. Then he discovers the letter left by his cousin . . . detailing the rules of “the game.”


His hand froze mid-air as Ricky’s truck crept around the curve and shuddered to a stop. The grill grinned at him with tiny cavities of rust. Ricky sat motionless inside.

“Go around,” Andy said under his breath.

The old man dogged the gas pedal, taunting him.

“Go,” he said, raising his voice. His heart accelerated from a fast run into a gallop. “You’ve got plenty of room.”

The engine revved. Andy forced himself to stand his ground. It wouldn’t matter if he moved an inch or a mile; this had nothing to do with the road. The old man was a bully—plain and simple—and it was going to end here and now.

“I’m not budging,” he said loudly. “I can—”

It was all he got out before the truck lurched forward on squealing tires.

What others are saying:

“This book had me from the first page…a unique plot, great characters and an unexpected ending.” – Diane W

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