Words, Perfect Words

BooksI love words. I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t.

One of my other vocations beside being a writer is being a hypnotherapist. I don’t practice it much; writing is my first love and takes up 99% of my time. As a writer, I have always been enthralled at the power of words to describe, to evoke, to inspire, to create. As a hypnotherapist, I found the power of words took on an entirely new dimension and that is the ability to induce an alternate consciousness. It still amazes me that I can lead a person into an altered state from where they might examine their psychological issues, fears, even past lives, simply with words. What amazes me even more is that I, too, can be coaxed into an alternate state, even when I understand the process inside and out, even when I’m fully aware of what is happening, simply by the use of the right words. Continue reading “Words, Perfect Words”

Promo Site Spotlight: Choosy Bookworm

Jay LeeJay Lee runs a book promo site called Choosy Bookworm.The mission of the site is to bring authors and ebook lovers together.

He’s always been passionate about reading and has a Kindle crammed with ebooks.

Jay and his wife decided to build a Facebook group for book lovers and advertise the occasional indie book to other bookworms like themselves. Jay says the wonderful feedback from readers and authors encouraged him to  build a site as well as set up a daily newsletter to accompany the Facebook group. Continue reading “Promo Site Spotlight: Choosy Bookworm”

Video Trailer Nuts and Bolts

Movie Clapper BoardMany people are intimidated by the thought of making video trailers for their books. I used to be. Then Carol Wyer taught me how to use Animoto, and I became a video trailer-making junkie.

A lot of people just take their book’s description, type it into frames, and then show those as a slideshow with music. That really isn’t going to draw the interest that could be garnered by this visual media.

You need very little to make an effective book trailer video. And, depending upon what platform(s) you use to create your video, everything you need may be at your fingertips. Here are a few tips I use which you may find helpful: Continue reading “Video Trailer Nuts and Bolts”

12 Things I would Tell My Pre-Writer Self

Baby WriterLike many, I have learned a lot on my path to become a writer.It set me thinking about what I would tell my pre-writer self. This is what I put together: Continue reading “12 Things I would Tell My Pre-Writer Self”