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Reading Deals logoSetting your book free or reducing your book’s price isn’t enough. With so many books running promos every day, you need to promote the promotion.

This is where ReadingDeals.com comes in. We promote your free and bargain books to our list of readers who have chosen which genres they want to receive. This reduces the noise, and readers gets books they want, giving your book a better chances to stand out!

We are investing in advertising to grow our readership base to help authors like you to get the maximum number of downloads or sales from your promotion. We are using many outlets including paid advertising, social media, our own networks, and more to grow to become one of the top places to promote your book.

We currently offer two advertising options for authors. The first is the free option. You can submit your book and on the day of the promotion, we will consider your book among all of the other books submitted to us for the day. This is not guaranteed, but is a great option for those authors on a very tight budget.

Our other option is the low-cost Guaranteed Submission option. For a small fee, we will guarantee that your book will be featured that day. This is perfect for the authors who don’t want to roll the dice, and want the maximum promotion for their books.

We know we’re not the only site for you to promote your book, but we are going to work hard to connect with readers and grow our reader list. Join us on this journey, and make ReadingDeals.com one of your book promotion options when you set your book for free or lower the price to grow your own list of readers!

Reading Deals is brought to you by the team at BookMarketingTools.com, home of the free Ultimate Author Checklist, The Author Hangout podcast, and great tools for authors to help them to promote their books and get more readers. Reading Deals is another one of these great tools.

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6 thoughts on “Featured Services: ReadingDeals.com”

  1. Like many such book promo services it requires that you have a set number of reviews of 4 stars or over. But they only count Amazon. This is a flaw other such services have.

      1. Here is what readingdeals.com says: Reviews / Ratings
        We are looking for books to promote that other readers have shown interest and acceptance in. Books must have at least 5 reviews with a 4 star rating average. That is pretty dang good stats. If a title with as few as five reviews has a review rank of less than 4.0, it is 1) being marketed to the wrong audience or 2) it has a snag or two needing revision. In the paypal message you can list on which venues a title has reviews and how many and rank. ReadingDeals does NOT say all of the reviews must be on Amazon. Reading Deals has a drop down menu in which an author lists all of a title’s sales venues.
        Hope this helps.

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