Featured Book: Spring Moon

Spring MoonSpring Moon
by Mary Ellen Courtney
Literary Fiction
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When Hannah Spring envisioned her marriage, it didn’t include her husband’s ex-wife Celeste, or her perplexing former lover, Stroud. When both reappear, she discovers it’s not easy to juggle marriage and children with the past hanging on in the background. Even worse, the past could endanger her life and limb.


I looked in the rearview mirror. Meggie was sound asleep with her head dropped off to the side at a perilous angle. Chance was in a state of bliss, eyes closed, relentlessly suckling sustenance mixed with small sighs. My life felt about the size of the inside of a car with something on the roof. Jon was flying around the islands, walking around his work, hands free, all grown up. He was getting ready to share his work life with Celeste who might be stupid, but she wasn’t broke in the boondocks with two young children. I pulled out my phone, paged through my Google searches, and hit ‘send.’

“Stroud,” said a familiar voice to the sound of road and radio in the background.

“Hello Stroud, it’s Spring,” I said.

It got quiet on the other end when he turned off the radio.

“Hey,” he said.

What others are saying:

“The narrative is succinct and eloquent, and flows together seamlessly.” – Indie Reader


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