Last Book Standing – January 2015 Edition

last book standing logoHappy New Year, everyone. Today we’re giving you a chance to win a free IU Featured Book Basic ad, and get some input on your book at the same time.

LAST BOOK STANDING is like a cross between Last Comic Standing and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Not really. Just kidding. Mostly.

Here’s how it works: Authors will post an Amazon link to ONE of their books in the comments section below. (One book per author, please! Multiple entries will be deleted.) We will turn that link into a pretty book cover. Then, books will fight to the death. Kidding.

Next, the books will begin elimination rounds. They will be distributed to the IU Vetting Committee and judged per our vetting process as follows:

  • Round 1 – covers.
  • Round 2 – amazon author pages.
  • Round 3 – categories.
  • Round 4 – book descriptions.
  • Round 5 – look inside – formatting/too much front matter.
  • Round 6 – look inside WRITING.

Authors whose books do not make it to the Final Round (Round 7) will receive a private email telling them at which point their book was eliminated, why, and because we are so swell, we will include a link to an IU post that will help them fix the problem.

Final Round – throw down steel cage match – audience voting. Books that make it through all six rounds will be featured in a post where the Indies Unlimited audience will vote for which book they think should win a free Featured Book Basic ad on Indies Unlimited. Don’t worry, each book that makes it to the Final Round will be invited to participate in our standard free features. But only one can win the ad.

Entries will be accepted for one week. After that, commenting will be closed. Please, entries only in the comment section. No discourse or critiquing. Thank you.

Fine print: Minions and their families, offspring, spawn, or other relations are not eligible. Books that have already been advertised or featured on Indies Unlimited during 2014 are not eligible and will be removed if they are posted. Don’t forget, Indies Unlimited does not feature books that are primarily religious, political, or erotic in nature. Books of those themes will be removed from the competition if they are entered. We will attempt to respond to all entries as quickly as possible. Please do not get butthurt if your book doesn’t go as far as you were hoping it would. We are just trying to help. The old adage goes, “Don’t ask a question if you don’t want the answer,” so if you don’t think you can handle constructive input, do not enter this contest.

Author: Administrators

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  1. Folks, please read the fine print. If your book was featured during 2014, it has already been through the vetting process and is therefore NOT eligible for this contest. Thanks.

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