Amulet is Now Unleashed!

Congratulations to friend and author Nancy Lee Parish! She  shared the news that her long-awaited debut novel is now released and available at Smashwords and Amazon!

“Amulet” is the first in her “DragonBlade” series. She describes the book as an adventure with fantasy elements, most of which she says are not typical in epic fantasies. As Nancy explains it, “I use a wide variety of characters, everything from a stoic inventor/wizard to a burly, gruff, yet kindhearted, axe – wielding farmer who has a soft spot for baby dragons, and just about everything in between. There’s even a mini dachshund who fancies himself fearless and adored by all the ladies. Mixed into the ‘lightness’ are those who live with regret and heartache, and those who would build a better world.”

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