Video Trailer: Krista Tibbs’ The Neurology of Angels

This is the video trailer for Krista Tibbs’ first book: The Neurology of Angels. Krista Tibbs studied neuroscience at MIT. Her career has included service in the federal government and in the biotechnology industry conducting clinical research for diseases with unmet medical needs, uniquely qualifying her to write The Neurology of Angels.

The Neurology of Angels is available on You can learn more about Krista at her website.[subscribe2]

#tatertots #pizzafridays

When I was in high school, lunch was where you found out where you fit in. I fit in with the quiet, punk rocker kids who smoked cigarettes instead of eating. Open campus, FTW! I couldn’t wait to get off campus. And not just for the nicotine. I hated high school. And I hated the scene in the cafeteria. Cliques and pods of douchebags and douchebaguettes. So, it is much to my chagrin that I am forced to come to terms with the fact that twitter has become my high school cafeteria.

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The Power of Facebook for Writers – Part Two – by Michael Allen

Author/Screenwriter Michael Allen
Author/Screenwriter Michael Allen

Back in the beginning of January, Michael Allen provided us with an intense post about Facebook pages.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

Today we welcome Michael back with the second installment of his “Power of Facebook for Writers” post.  We’re going to pick up where he left off, after you’ve created your page…

Now, you want to promote your book page. One very effective strategy is to have a giveaway.  Let handle that for you. Start a giveaway and make it worth someone’s time.

I’d say an autographed copy of your book would make a great first prize.  But, you can have other gifts as well. makes it easy for you to offer coffee cups, tee shirts, hats, bags and much more. Putting your book’s cover on a coffee cup or a tee shirt makes a handy gift for a giveaway. Continue reading “The Power of Facebook for Writers – Part Two – by Michael Allen”

Antrobus Safely in Custody at Indies Unlimited

Author David Antrobus

After a spirited chase, we are pleased to announce that author David Antrobus has been safely apprehended and will now serve a long term of community service writing blog posts and emptying out the hazardous material bins here at Indies Unlimited.

He says that what sets his style apart is his flagrant disregard for any sense of decorum or discipline whatsoever. This means he’ll be a good fit here at IU. David, welcome to the jungle, and remember – every Tuesday it’s all the gruel you can eat at the IU  employee cafeteria.

You can also follow David’s literary exploits at his own blog, but let’s face it – he won’t have time to get into much mischief over there anymore.

David’s book, Dissolute Kinship: A 9/11 Road Trip  recounts a solo car journey he took from the West Coast of Canada to New York City just over ten years ago.