Sneak Peek – Dean Lappi’s “Black Numbers”

Today, author Dean Lappi shares with IU readers an sneak-peek at his book, Black Numbers.

Book Excerpt: Black Numbers

by Dean Lappi

Crowdal pushed back against the sword and kicked as hard as he could. He connected.

With a grunt, the Haissan flew backward and hit the wall but immediately sprang to its feet.

Crowdal moaned. He had surprised a Haissan guarding the other side of Father Mansico’s chamber door. He should have known there would be a guard. The Haissen were incredibly fast, so the split second it had taken the Haissan to realize it wasn’t Father Mansico coming out of the room was the only thing that saved Crowdal from losing his head. Continue reading “Sneak Peek – Dean Lappi’s “Black Numbers””

Gender Bender

And now for something completely different.

Will the real L.A. Lewandowski please stand up?

Am I really who I say I am? None of you have ever met me. Am I a creation of my own making, a project of my inner Pygmalion? Is the face that smiles back at you me, or am I actually an eighty year old Polish woman wearing a babushka smelling invitingly of stuffed cabbage and pierogi? Admit it, you can’t really be sure.

Or can you? There is one thing for certain, my friends, I write like a girl. The color of my cocktail seeps through the pages, pooling into a pretty, pink puddle. It’s delicious, I must admit. I am not able to feel like a man, and I have never wanted to be one. There is only one exception – a cameo as a big, burly hockey player, smashing opponents into the boards and scoring the winning goal. But I digress. Continue reading “Gender Bender”

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