The Binnacle Annual Ultra-Short Competition

The Binnacle will sponsor its Eighth International Ultra-Short Competition in the 2011-2012 academic year. They are looking for prose works of 150 words or fewer and poetry of sixteen lines or fewer and fewer than 150 words.  A minimum of $300 in cash prizes will be awarded, with a minimum prize of $50. At least one of the prizes will go to a UMM student.

There is no submission fee. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2012.

For more information, please visit their website.

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest information for the convenience of our readers.  We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition.  Entrants should always research a competition prior to entering. 

Video Trailer of the Week – You Decide

Three different video trailers were featured this week on Indies Unlimited. Now it is your turn to vote for the one you felt was best. No money—no prizes—all for the glory.

From Monday:  Patti Larsen’s “Family Magic

From Wednesday: Donna Dillon’s “The Snake Pit

From Friday: Rachel Rossano’s “The Crown of Anavrea

Which was your favorite book video trailer from the last week?

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Sneak Peek: Hettie Ashwin’s Literary Licence

Today we have a sneak peek of Hettie Ashwin’s novel, Literary Licence:

Literary LicenceImagine an author in her prime and she wants to retire.  Easy it seems. Except writing is in her blood.

Literary Licence follows the fortunes of Ursula Drewsbury as she discovers retirement is more than gardening and cups of tea. She creates a pseudonym only to discover he is larger than life and her ego is piqued. So what to do? Killing him off would be easy for the best crime and fiction writer. Or is it? Ursula is beset by more than a passing problem as she tries to kill her pseudonym Lloyd Langton and escape the law and the paparazzi.

Her postman, a rather large Russian, just complicated an already farcical situation by being hopelessly in love with her. Ursula’s problems compound when an imposter turns up purporting to be her pseudonym, and it takes more than a bit of wheeling and dealing, plotting, conniving and smooth talking for Ursula Drewsbury to come out smelling like a rose, with the help of the imposter, a postman, a savvy reporter and a 10,000 pound reward.

Literary Licence is available for purchase at and Smashwords. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Hettie Ashwin’s Literary Licence”

It’s a Wonderful Life

KD Rush

Hell may have just frozen over. Either that or I’m asleep and dreaming. In case of the latter, please don’t wake me. Just let me enjoy the winning lottery ticket for a few minutes more.

When Stephen Hise tracked me down, he threw out an offer that I couldn’t possibly refuse; my own column here at Indies Unlimited, one of the best blogs on the net. To say that this is an honor would be an understatement. In fact, there really aren’t any words that could adequately express how privileged I feel to be included in the same company as the talented staff here at IU.

Even so, and I have to be honest, there was some hesitation on my part. It took a great deal of effort not to immediately jump at this opportunity. I am not an author, yet. My credentials as a writer are lackluster at best, and downright poor compared with the amazing array of talent that Stephen has assembled here. What could I possibly have to offer? Before giving an answer, I had to ask myself a few hard questions. Continue reading “It’s a Wonderful Life”