Jim Devitt Joins the Staff of Indies Unlimited

Author Jim Devitt

Recruiting top talent for any organization can be a challenge—but that’s what animal tranquilizers are for. I am pleased to announce that friend and author Jim Devitt will be joining the staff of Indies Unlimited. You will see Jim’s work here every Saturday afternoon.

Jim is well-known in the community of indie authors as a friend and mentor. His writing is outstanding, as is his standing as a champion of indies. he will be a welcome addition to the crew.

Jim is the author of The Card, a #1 best-seller on the Kindle paid titles list, available from Amazon.  He spent eight years working behind the scenes in a Major League clubhouse. He has authored and co-authored numerous peer-reviewed research papers and presented at conferences throughout the country. Be sure to check out his excellent blog. You can also find him on Facebook and and LinkedIn, and follow him on Twitter.

Please join is in giving Jim a warm welcome!


On Being a Writer in India by Rasana Atreya

Author Rasana Atreya
Author Rasana Atreya

I’m from India, and mostly proud of it. Except when it comes to writing.

What’s my ethnicity got to do with my writing life? Plenty, as you’ll discover.

The unpublished manuscript of my debut novel, Tell A Thousand Lies, was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia award. Independent of this, I was offered a publishing contract by one of India’s biggest publishing houses (they have fantastic distribution within India). Continue reading “On Being a Writer in India by Rasana Atreya”

Sneak Peek: Martin Crosbie’s My Temporary Life

Today we get a sneak peek of author Martin Crosbie’s novel, My Temporary Life:

My Temporary LifeMalcolm Stewart’s strength was forged during harsh childhood days—ugly days when he faced down schoolyard bullies and endured the neglect of a promiscuous mother. It is a strength that he has wielded to defend himself and his friends.

Yet those years and traumas have taken their toll. Somewhere along the way, Malcolm Stewart lost his love of life.

That changes the day when beautiful, tempestuous Heather enters his world. He feels the stirrings of something long dormant. And when he learns of Heather’s own abusive childhood—and the daughter that she was forced to leave behind—Malcolm knows one thing:  he must help Heather get her little girl back.

My Temporary Life is available on Amazon.com, and Amazon UK. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Martin Crosbie’s My Temporary Life”

We’re Here to Help

by K.S. Brooks and Stephen Hise

You want help and Indies Unlimited wants to help you. Indies Unlimited provides a number of different types of features that can showcase you and your writing (e.g., interviews, guest posts, sneak-peeks, video book trailers, etc.). We also get a ton of page views here, and that number is trending consistently upward. The exposure you get here can be very beneficial to you. Continue reading “We’re Here to Help”