Yvonne Hertzberger Joins Staff of Indies Unlimited

Author Yvonne Hertzberger

We are pleased to announce that author Yvonne Hertzberger is joining the staff of Indies Unlimited as a regular contributing author.

Yvonne is a native of the Netherlands who immigrated to Canada. She calls herself a Jill-of-all-trades. That should come in handy around this joint.

Her many past paid jobs included banking, day care, residential care for challenged children, hairdressing, retail, and customer service. She enjoys gardening, singing, the theater, decorating and socializing with friends and family.

She is a graduate of The University of Waterloo, first with a B.A. in psychology, then and Hon. B.A. Sociology and stopped just shy of an M.A. in Sociology. Again, I see this coming in handy.

For more information, check out Yvonne’s excellent website and/or blog at: http://www.yvonnehertzberger.com

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the wonderful Yvonne Hertzberger.


Sneak Peek: Carrie James Haynes’ Daughter of Deceit

Daughter of DeceitToday we have a sneak peek of Carrie James Haynes’ book, Daughter of Deceit:

For years no one has questioned that Alyce’s father was England’s worst traitor…a spy for the Americans during the American Revolution…selling English guns and gun powder for his own gain. Caught in the web around him, he took his own life. There is only one problem. Alyce doesn’t believe her beloved father was the man the world believes him to have been and she will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. Then strange things begin to happen. Voices call to her…warning her…for now someone wants her dead.

Lord Julian Casvelyn has mourned his brother’s death, murdered by England’s most hated man, but one eventful night has changed everything Lord Julian believed about his brother’s death. Never did he suspect the woman he has just saved from certain death is the daughter of that man. Julian is caught in midst of a conspiracy and desire for a woman where he soon discovers he might well want all to remain secret.

Daughter of Deceit is available on Amazon.com for FREE through February 16th. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Carrie James Haynes’ Daughter of Deceit”

Marketing – A novel experience

Valerie Douglas

You see, the thing is, marketing ain’t art. It just isn’t. Writing is art. One is left brain (marketing), the other right brain (writing). For most people anyway… except those lefties. Now, according to some measures, some folks say I’m reasonably successful at this whole writing thing. Am I getting rich at it? No. Could I make a living at it? I am, like any other small business person, for the moment. Will I still be making a living at it in a year? I sure hope so. But make no mistake about it, writing is also a business, and Indie writing even more so. All I can tell you is what has been working for me.

One of the first and best pieces of advice I ever read – and one of the ones most ignored is Continue reading “Marketing – A novel experience”