The Traveling Terrier Makes A Top-Ten List!

Conversations' 10 Dog-Gone Great Books For Spring

Conversations' 10 Dog-Gone Great Books For SpringCongratulations to Mr. Pish – the traveling terrier featured in the educational children’s books by author K. S. Brooks. This time his book Mr. Pish’s Woodland Adventure is featured in Conversations Magazine’s March/April 2012 edition in the Conversations’ 10 Dog-Gone Great Books For Spring.

The list includes fiction and non-fiction books, giving something for everyone. You can read the Conversations Magazine piece here.

In Mr. Pish’s Woodland Adventure, the adventurous Jack Russell Terrier leads readers on an expedition into the forest. With full color photographs and engaging text geared to promote outdoor learning, Mr. Pish shows how easy it is to experience nature no matter where you live. Mr. Pish even teaches kids how to make their own “Great Explorer’s” scrapbook!

You can learn more about Mr. Pish on his website and facebook page, and his three books which are available at


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10 thoughts on “The Traveling Terrier Makes A Top-Ten List!”

  1. Congratulations to Mr. Pish! Boy, that K.S. Brooks is lucky. I wish MY pets would dictate some cool stories for me to publish, but my dog's agent won't return my calls and my ferrett prefers to simply steal all writing utensils for her own nefarious purposes.

    I simply have to say this:

    Since discovering this (and a couple of other sites, blogs, and indie author FB pages) place a couple of days ago I've found myself constantly inspired and often intimidated by the talented people I'm meeting. I never dreamed there was such a solid network of support and help available for writers. Thanks for all the wonderful advice and I look forward to the time when I can be of assistance to any of you or pay it forward by spreading the word to others struggling to find an audience for their creativity. Y'all have been the medicine I've been seeking for several years.

  2. Good job, Mr Pish and Ms Brooks!

    And for some reason, it is cracking me the hell up that Cujo is on that list of great dog books! And yet, it's also cool. Kat, your book is now gonna be mentioned in the same breath as a Stephen King novel!

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