The Making of Bad Book (Part 3)

The final installment of the epic micro-miniseries mockumentary of the making of what some call, “One of the books I have read.”

If you watch no other micro-miniseries mockumentaries this season, you MUST watch the dramatic nail-biting, life-on-the-razor’s-edge, full contact, rock-em-sock-em, intellectual seizure manifested in this episode! Will there be a cliffhanger? You’ll have to watch to see! Will there be a special offering for “The Women of Indies Unlimited” calendar? Watch to find out! Will Mader be fully clothed throughout? Brace yourself!

In this action-packed episode: Mader recounts how one weekend with Timothy Leary changed his life forever (or it may have been Tiny Tim, but definitely someone named “Tim”). Kat Brooks talks about her days as a pole-dancing hitwoman for the New Jersey Mob. Hise rocks out, playing inna-gadda-da-vida on his electric tuba. [some of these scenes may have been cut to make room for commercial messages]

Bad Book is available at Amazon. Get it before it gets you.

DISCLAIMER: This product is intended for use as directed only. Do not attempt to snort, huff, or inject Bad Book.  If Bad Book is accidentally ingested, please contact your local poison control center—those folks can always use a good laugh.

When reading Bad Book, do not—under any circumstances—touch the red button. Just don’t.



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    1. Thanks Jesse. No aardvarks were harmed in the making of this segment. Not this segment anyway. Well, not during the making of this segment. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

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