Congratulations to Author Shelly Frome

Twilight of the DrifterAuthor Shelly Frome is pleased to share a fantastic review of his newest title, Twilight of the Drifter.

Twilight of the Drifter is a crime story with southern gothic overtones. It centers on thirty-something Josh Devlin, a failed journalist who, after a year of wandering, winds up in a Kentucky homeless shelter.

The crosscurrents go into motion the moment Josh comes upon a runaway named Alice. Taken with her plight, he soon finds himself also drawn into a Delta bluesman’s checkered past. As a direct result, he’s set on a collision course with a backwoods tracker fixated on the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, the machinations of the governor-elect of Mississippi, and an underlying force seeking long overdue redemption.

Kirkus Reviews state, in their July 2012 issue, that “Author Shelly Frome churns out a laudable crime thriller. A novel with impeccable Southern flair as soothing and cool as the notes from the protagonist’s blues harp.” You can read the entire review here.

Twilight of the Drifter was published by Sunbury Press. The paperback edition was available in December, 2011, the Kindle edition in January, 2012. It’s listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Sunbury website and can be ordered through any independent book store.

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