Week 24 Flash Fiction Challenge Winner: Dick Waters

Today we’re pleased to announce the winner of the 24th weekly Flash Fiction competition at Indies Unlimited.

The winning entry is rewarded with a special feature here today and a place in our collection of winners which will be published as an e-book at year end.

A total of 40 votes were cast in the contest this week. The winner (with 40% of those votes) is Dick Waters.

Congratulations to Dick, and thanks to everyone who participated – excellent entries! Now, without further ado, here’s the winning entry:

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Flame’s Hotel

by Dick Waters

Asa ached from being on the trail, but he ached for something he couldn’t afford.

She was easy to spot, six feet tall, long red hair and an alabaster body showing under strategically placed feathers.

The flickering candlelight gave him an idea that would provide a room, meal, and bath. Maybe he would get what he really needed.

Despite his dirty appearance, he was able to pull Flame away from her rounds. It was hard for him to stay focused. Her scent was intoxicating. A quick conversation and a thoughtful look up and down by Flame sent her to the bar. She rang a bell until the room went silent.

Once she had everyone’s attention, she announced, “Asa believes he can shoot all eight candles out on that wagon wheel over his head. He says you will never see his pistol move. If any gentlemen care to bet, I will match your bets.”

Several minutes later the room was darker than before. Flame’s arm was around Asa as she pulled him up the stairs.

Asa’s two friends watched the show. One commented, “It really wasn’t fair. He was so good; he could shoot flies in mid-air with those flexible piano roll bands. He got that shortened ‘Asa’ nickname for A-S-A-S-A-S-A-S-A-S-A.”

The other cowpoke asked, “What does that stand for?”

“A sure a shot as seen around San Antonio’s stock yards.”

Asa smiled at Flame and enjoyed the two new bulges; one from his share of the money.

*     *     *     *    *


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13 thoughts on “Week 24 Flash Fiction Challenge Winner: Dick Waters”

  1. Thank you Yvonne.

    Hopefully all of the entrants from this week's and the other weeks, will make it into the Anthology at least once.

    There wouldn't be a competition if you and the others didn't participate.

    In the format of this competition, some very good entries will be overlooked at the end of the year. I suggest another anthology of those that came close to winning.

    Thanks again and keep writing and entering,


  2. Thanks Ed,

    I enjoy your entries too.

    Is the low number of entries this week a sign summer vacation is upon us?

    Enjoy your summer!


    1. I dunno, Dick. I normally put the all-call out in a number of places, but I've been on deadline this week so I was unable to. I JUST squeaked in under my deadline, so I'm glad that's done. Hopefully more folks will start to promote the all-call and it will draw more entries.

  3. Thank you RG Bud,

    I saw your book titled "Cover Your Nut."

    I heard this week a young girl when asked what her favorite nut was…she answered, doughnuts.

    I'm with her!

    Thanks again for the feedback.


    1. Thanks Mike.

      We're getting a familiar club going here. The quality of the entries each week, requires more and more focus on the entry.

      Some of the Brooks' pictures are hard to resist.

      Regardless of an entry, I read them every week.

      Thanks again,

      Best regards,


  4. Congratulations, Dick. Great entry. I agree with you on Brooks' photos, some are hard to resist, and there should be a separate anthology of the ones who almost made it for there are some rather good entries each week.

  5. Thanks for the compliments on the photos. The Evil Mastermind chooses them, so I have to give him a lot of credit for making the prompts evocative.

    1. Thank you very much Jaqueline,

      How about it Brooks…is there any chance everybody can win witn a second anthology? I'll put in some effort if I can help.

      Best to you and yours,


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