Video Trailer: The Prospect of My Arrival by Dwight Okita

A human embryo is allowed to preview the world before deciding whether to be born. His name is Prospect. He will meet a range of people to help him make up his mind. Trish Mesmer is the scientist charged with counseling Prospect. The book is literary fiction at heart, with a somewhat sci-fi premise. The book may not appeal to readers of hard core sci-fi. Those who appreciate the trippy, modern world on display in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” or “Being There” may find themselves at home. The Prospect of My Arrival, the literary fiction book by Dwight Okita, is available on and Barnes &[subscribe2]

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9 thoughts on “Video Trailer: The Prospect of My Arrival by Dwight Okita”

  1. What a fabulous trailer. I will be buying this book today. Im intrigued by this concept and the trailer put the top hat on it for me. Looking forward to reading this very much! 🙂

    1. Audrey, what a nice surprise to read your comment! I'm so glad you like the concept and the trailer. I hope you enjoy the book. Feel from to write me any time. You can always leave a note also in my guestbook on my website: I also design websites, blogs and trailers.


  2. It's my pleasure! Thanks for the invite, as soon as my computer and phone are up and running (I have completely bodged them up somehow!) I will visit your website. Have a lovely day 🙂

  3. I'd like to buy an ebook of this work, but it seems available only for the Kindle. You really should use Smashwords or an equivalent to make it available in all the formats.

  4. Dwight, thanks for letting me know about your trailer for Prospect of my Arrival. You included all the elements I feel important for a good trailer: music appropriate to the theme, love the flashing questions, well chosen lines, and of course, where it is available. I need to create a new trailer, your ideas are dead on!

  5. Thanks, Irene. I'm glad that book trailers have caught on with authors. It's one more powerful may to make an impression on a potential reader. And I think as time goes on, book trailers will evolve and get better and even more creative. It would be nice if all books on Amazon and other sites listed book trailers.

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