Resource Fest: Cover Designers

resource fest book designerIn this industry, we rely on each other to weed out the bad vendors, and discover the good ones. Word of mouth is invaluable.

Know a great cover designer or artist? We want to know. In the comments section below, please post the designer’s name and a link to their website so we can see their work. In one sentence, tell us why you liked them. And, so we can see their stuff, include ONE link to the book (on a retail site). Please don’t try to embed an image. We’ll do it for you, honest!

Now, now, put someone you’ve worked with who does covers for hire. No recommending yourself!

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29 thoughts on “Resource Fest: Cover Designers”

    1. Lita, I was going to recommend them too. I love working with them; the prices are very reasonable and my favorite is being able to add the font size, color, and placement yourself. I think I’ve purchased 5 from them. And they will show your book on their site.

  1. I recommend Scarlett Rugers Design.

    Scarlett has a strong understanding of the industry and is supportive of indies. Her approach is professional, intuitive and creative.
    I liked the cover (print and e-book) she did for me. Not only does it have a lifetime guarantee but I can return at any time for additional services (such as bookmarks) at a very reasonable cost.

  2. I,love working with Rebecca Poole of Her patience with authors and concern to get things just perfect for you are terrific. She has a range of pre-made covers for genre fiction as well as the ability to make you anything you ask for. She switched from fiction to the travelogue concept for me very easily,

  3. Duncan Long did the cover for Space Available for me after my previous artist let me down. He was great. He walked into a cover basically blind and only had to go off what I sent him. It was also a bit of a time pinch. Right now he’s working on the cover for Space Invaded. He does really nice sci-fi and fantasy work.

  4. Apart from Sharon Robards, who cleverly designs her own, all our Writer’s Choice novel covers are designed by Dawn Keur,

    We love the way she gets to the nub of a novel and puts it there for the reader to see and really appreciate again when they have read the book.

  5. I love my book cover, designed by Scott Greene. It draws great compliments. Scott is easy to work with and his fees are extremely reasonable. Scott is an expert and teaches several related courses at Valley College.

    Here’s my link to see Scott’s work:

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