Caption This Contest

Red Squirrel, Washington State 031814This is a squirrel with something to say. Give us a maximum 140 character caption for this photo.

If you have more than one idea, go ahead and put in as many entries as you want.

We’ll leave comments open until Friday night. Brooks and I will pick our favorite, and turn it into a motivational poster we’ll put up in the sidebar, crediting the author of the caption. Alternatively, if we don’t like any of them, we’ll just round-file the project and disavow any knowledge of it, and never speak of it again. Never.

So, give us your best shot. Be funny, touching, brilliant, or inspiring, but keep it clean. Just think: this thing could go viral. You could be the author of the next internet meme. Or not.

Author: Administrators

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20 thoughts on “Caption This Contest”

  1. There are certain parts of my anatomy that are frozen right now, but I’m too polite to mention that in mixed company. I sense that Spring is just around the corner, and I’m feeling upbeat and positive about the fact that said offending stuff of nature is slowing melting around my…well, you know! My mantra is, “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz. I wonder where dem birdies is.”

  2. Did you get stuck in that hole again Charlie? I told you not to eat all your nuts before spring. Welp, see you when the snow melts.

  3. 140 characters? What do I look like, some kind of twit? Bring me 140 kernels. Kernels, like nuts, capisce? Glad we have an understanding.

  4. 1. Well, get on with it! I’m waiting for the next chapter.

    2. C’mon, I like to do those arobics with you too.

    3. Now look here. I saw you. You’re eating peanuts. Gimme some please!

    4. Hurry up and write. I don’t get a nut until you do.

    5. Call yourself a writer? You haven’t written a word all the time I’ve been watching you.

    6.Stop squirrelling the words in your head.

    7. I hide nuts, you’re hiding words.

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