Featured Book: At Their Own Game

At Their Own GameAt Their Own Game
by Frank Zafiro
Mystery, thriller, suspense, police procedural
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Jake Stankovic is a criminal having a bad week. A drug deal goes bad, a vengeful detective hounds him, one of his crew may have turned against him, and a dangerous woman from his past has reappeared. Jake must find a way to beat them all at their own game.


It took almost ten minutes before the door opened again. Manning entered, trailed by a woman in her forties. She wore a nicer suit than Manning did but wasn’t as physically fit. She also looked tougher.

“My detective tells me you are demanding a supervisor.”

“He is correct.”

“I’m Lieutenant Lauridsen.” She held out her hand. “Who are you?”

I took her hand and shook it. “Jake Stankovic.”

She didn’t react to my name but I saw a spark of recognition in Manning’s eyes.

“And what can we do for you today, Mr. Stankovic?” Lauridsen asked. “Can we get straight to that? Because we’re a busy detachment here.”

“Of course,” I said. “Do you know a drug dealer here in town named Ozzy?”

The two of them exchanged a glance.

“Obviously you do,” I said. “Well, how’d you like to get him on tape delivering a pound of meth?”

And believe it or not, they were interested.

What others are saying:

“A brief, tight, criminally intense story of destructive behavior masked by “good” intentions, AT THEIR OWN GAME puts its finger right on the pulse of the ever-sinful human heart”
Ned Hayes, author of SINFUL FOLK

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