Featured Book: An Untold Want

An Untold WantAn Untold Want
by Sara Stark
Genre: literature, women’s fiction
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Being born into a family of witches in rural Georgia has made Maggie MacAllister a recluse. She just wants a normal life, and if it weren’t for the MacAllister curse, a husband. When her teenage daughter nearly dies, Maggie must let others into her cloistered lifestyle, even a potential suitor.


Everyone else in the restaurant politely ignores Libby, all the while making mental notes as to what was said and worn and done. The Jacob’s Creek grapevine will be humming tomorrow, and Maggie’s glad she decided to change out of her grubby work jeans and boots and into a nice pair of slacks and designer flats. At least they won’t be able to gossip about how badly she was dressed.

She gestures to Jerry, the bartender, who’s doing a better job of masking his dismay than Liz. He hovers behind the bar, hopefully near enough to help if there’s a problem. Maggie steps up next to Libby and waits, unsure what to say or do. She reaches out her hand but then drops it by her side. It’s hard to sympathize with Libby—Maggie would never cause a scene like this—but it’s not hard to be kind.

What others are saying:

“What started out as a book about witches, curses, herbs, and life in small-town Georgia developed into something much more meaningful.” – Jerry Prohoehl

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  1. Thank you to Karen and Ivan!! Karen, I hope you like it. Ivan, you’re being nice. I know you. It’s women’s literary. But thank you for the compliment, both of you!

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