Special Guest Susan J.P. Owens on the Benefits of Local Chapters

Author Susan J.P. Owens

Nervous, I shoved my fingertips in the front pockets of my denims. Striding toward the door to my first chapter meeting, the darn skinny jeans crept down from the weight of my hands. I inched my fingers around to draw them up, hoping no one would notice.

A perky voice sounded behind me, “Hello, you must be Susan.”

Caught adjusting, I swallowed the first words that came to my mind for wearing the pesky denims and answered, “Sure am!”

I soon discovered I didn’t have to impress the folks inside the conference room. They welcomed me with absolute acceptance.

That was some time ago and to this day, the warm kindred spirit still exists. I knew my motives for seeking out and joining, but hesitated to speak for the others. So at the last get-together, I passed out index cards and asked everyone to write down their incentives for becoming a member.

Our group has a number of people in varying stages of their writing careers, from all walks of life, ages, (nearly every decade is represented), and their responses were the same as mine: To Learn, To Meet and To Support.

Several wrote about the poignancy of loneliness in an author’s life, a need to get away from the keyboard, of wanting to share the highs and lows of their journeys and to have critique partners, who are willing to give the gift of an honest assessment.

I have two quotes I’d like to share. “I got a lot more than I expected out of being a member of the group – I enjoy it.” And the second, “Our group has offered encouragement, guidance, and friends for life. Since joining, I’ve had six books published, three short stories with more to be released soon.”

If you’re asking the question, should I join a local chapter? The simple answer, yes. No matter where you are on your path or your level of expertise, everyone benefits. For me, I passionately embrace all the reasons given and make sure to watch what jeans I wear.

What if you’re unable to travel? What if your neighborhood chapter isn’t as generous as mine? There are a multitude of online groups to join.

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Take that step and you’ll be amazed.

Learn more about Susan from her excellent website. You can also find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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34 thoughts on “Special Guest Susan J.P. Owens on the Benefits of Local Chapters”

  1. Interesting… I've been wondering whether a writing group would be worth the time investment. Now I know to at least try it.

    Thank you.

  2. Susan,

    I loved your post! Having a writing group, whether local or not, is so important for a writer. The knowledge shared between members is empowering, the support given is unconditional, and the friendships developed are lasting. I think that's why we call it a writing community!

    Talk to you soon…

  3. I can relate to your post, Susan. I was nervous the first time I visited my chapter. I mean, I was meeting real live authors! But you're right. They were awesome people with generous hearts. The faces might have changed since then but the sentiment remains. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Ah, I remember that day! And having a local chapter keeps us connected in way that not many others understand (even family). Keep rockin in those skinny jeans woman!!

  5. Susan,
    You summed it up perfectly! I came along a liitle later but everyone has been great, like minds and all that. Love my chapter. Thanks

  6. Great post….it is always beneficial to have a group of people/friends that can support you when you set out on new endeavors. I would rather learn from the mistakes of others versus my own mistakes.Excellent writing…keep it up. Go Team!!!


  7. Sounds like you have found your niche…your writing gets better all the time. I'm getting a lot of pleasure out of just observing…some day soon I'll be bragging that I knew you way back when!!! You go, girl!

  8. I hope you know, everyones going to be looking at your jeans from now on. Seriously, wonderful post, Susan. I'm so glad you joined us that day. The group has given so much to me and each member brings something special. I'm thankful for the day I first walked into that conference room.

  9. I love the way you put yourself out there. Others do too I think, as they are reflecting your good sense and passion back to you.

  10. Great post, Susan. Like you, I was scared the first time I walked into a meeting but happily found it a wonderful, warm experience. I enjoy the fellowship and friendships with those who share the passion of writing.

  11. Hi Debra,

    Perfect word… When you're passionate, nothing can stand before you that you can't overcome! I agree whole heartedly! Good to hear from you, thank you for visiting:)

  12. As someone still relatively new to writing I decided to join an online group, and I found their feedback, support, and critique extremely valuable. An experience not for the faint of heart, but well worth it.

  13. Hey T.,

    IMO, you said the words of wisdom. You learned and gained support. The value given by your group outweighed the hesitancy that we all have in joining.

    You've brought to focus another point, true critiques. Sometimes hard to swallow, but passion will override our faint hearts.

    You're terrific and I'm glad you stopped by! BTW, it's too cold to go swimming:)

  14. Great Post!! I remember when you came also, but I had no idea you were doing so well with your writing!! Way to go!! Keep up the good work..


  15. Great job, Susan! It reminded me once again how much I've been missing being with everyone!

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