Pin the Phrase on the Author

This should be some fun. Everyone has gotten a chance to read articles by the IU staff, but could you pick their writing out of a lineup?

Below, you will see lines excerpted from the books of five Indies Unlimited authors. Can you tell which author wrote which line? Bonus points if you also know the book from which the line comes!

Below and to the left are pictures of the IU authors and next to each, a line from a book. The authors are not next to the lines from their own books. Or are they? See if you can mix and match the author with the line. Put your guesses in the comment section below (1. author name, 2. author name, etc.). The winner gets bragging rights.

Answers will be posted at 2 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, April 15. Good luck!

1. “He closed his eyes and slipped into the dark, beautiful place where first kisses bloom.”

2. “The trees’ silhouettes were a deep, velvety green, and their outlines were haloed in glittering frost. “

3. ““Um. It’s sort of a rescue.”

4. “I’d been in the kitchen when Angeline had practically burst with joy to report the news to my mother how her Joseph was dating a pretty blonde cheerleader with breeder hips and none of those pesky career ambitions.”

5. “Are great people born in times of great trouble or do times of great trouble cause people to rise to greatness?”

Author: Administrators

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13 thoughts on “Pin the Phrase on the Author”

      1. Sob, sniff – but one is missing. Now what do I do? Math ain't my forte. How about Brooks + Mader + Hise = 3 (But Hise is indivisible so he gets taken away afterward.) lol It's called creative accounting.

  1. 1. Valerie – it's gotta be the steamiest one

    2. McNally – it's gotta be the silliest one

    the others I'm guessing…

    3. Brooks

    4. Boris

    5. Mader

    score = zilch!

  2. 1. JD Mader – “The Biker”

    2. K.S. Brooks – It’s not Mr. Pish, so I’m going to guess “Night Undone”.

    3. M. Edward McNall – one of Eddie’s Shorts

    4. Laurie Boris – “The Joke’s on Me”

    5. Valerie Douglas – “The Coming Storm”

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