Brooks, Mader, and Hise Admit to Collaboration in New Release

Artist's conception of the collaboration

Formerly respected indie authors K. S. Brooks, JD Mader and Stephen Hise have announced the release of a new book written in a top-secret collaboration and from an undisclosed location.

Their new release is BAD BOOK, a parody of multiple literary genres and pop culture melded into one book. It will be available online soon as an e-book through Amazon’s Kindle Select Program.

The project was the brainchild of veteran author K. S. Brooks, co-administrator of the super-blog Indies Unlimited, and an accomplished and award-winning author and photographer (up until this point). She says of the collaboration, “I don’t know what I was thinking. I had to carry both these guys through the whole process. It was exhausting.”

Author JD Mader says, “I’m not sure they are using the word collaboration correctly. I don’t know exactly what the other two did. I remember writing it—the other two added their names to it. I suppose that’s what they mean by collaborating.”

Obscure and reclusive author Stephen Hise recalls the collaboration somewhat differently. “I wrote the funny stuff and Brooks and Mader would occasionally throw in some nouns and verbs or something like that,” he says. Continue reading “Brooks, Mader, and Hise Admit to Collaboration in New Release”

The Most Expensive eBook in the World

In one corner, you have the fully-bearded JA Konrath, preaching to the Indie masses to make their books more affordable in hopes they can sell more of them, therefore increasing their income. In the other corner, wearing a goatee befitting an evil mastermind, you have Stephen Hise.

Hise is trying a different approach. In fact – he’s going in exactly the opposite direction. Stephen Hise today announced he was raising the price of all available versions of his book UPGRADE, on Smashwords, to one million dollars. This makes UPGRADE the most expensive eBook in the world, obliterating the old record held by Nuclear Energy, now on sale at Amazon for a mere $6,232.00.

Asked why he raised the price so dramatically, Hise said, “I read an article by somebody or other who claimed that his sales actually increased after raising the price. I figured if I raised it high enough, I’d only need to sell a couple of copies—half dozen at best.” Continue reading “The Most Expensive eBook in the World”

The Facebooks, They Are a Changin’

Some time back, Facebook made the new “timeline” profile available to users. People did not seem to enthuse over the new profile, and the majority of users never migrated to Facebook’s newest version of the Edsel. Here is a link to a JPG file with a diagram to help you understand. Feel better now? It doesn’t matter.

Demonstrating its usual sensitivity to customer satisfaction, Facebook decided to cram the new timeline profile down everyone’s throats whether they like it or not.

The migration is under way, and if you notice your Facebook profile or page suddenly seems to look different, stupid, or just plain wrong, this is why.

It may be that the new Facebook has wonderful features that were not available in the older version. Likely, these are features some of us will never use. It does not matter, though because you are getting it whether you want it or not. They are Facebook. Who the hell are you? You’re nobody. What are you going to do about it—change over to Google Plus? BWHAHAHA! Good luck with that. Hope you have fun connecting with the other ten users over there.

This kind of thing will continue until a new platform comes along that threatens Facebook’s supremacy, or until Facebook has finally improved itself to death. In the mean time, just sit back and enjoy the chaos. If you grow weary of Facebook, and don’t know what to do with your excess social media time, try hanging out here at Indies Unlimited.

This has been a public service announcement from Indies Unlimited. We now return you to regular programming.


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