Video Trailer: Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD

A contemporary inspirational book that embraces mystery, humor, philosophy and metaphysics to inspire. There is a big invisible world out there with a mystery that watches us, as we make decisions based on pure illusion. We are all perfect creations of God, worthy of unconditional love for ourselves. However, since we live in a constantly negative bombarded world, ultimate self love is challenging, which mischief undoubtedly hinders us from programming our minds to tap into the inexhaustible good.

Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD, the spiritual self-help book by Jacent M Mpalyenkana is available from and Barnes & Noble. [subscribe2]

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  1. How lovely, another Indie author whose nonfiction book is related to spirituality and inspiration. Is there anyone else out there whose books do not fall under the categories below?

    Action Adventure/Thriller

    Character-Driven Drama

    Children's Books







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