The Best Laid Plans

About a year ago (Yeah, that long, I’m slow, OK?) I gave myself a new challenge. After all, the last one I gave myself went fairly well. So why not? Right? I mean, we all want to improve our craft. At least those of us who are serious writers do.

That was my aim; to hone my craft, to become a better writer. And what better way to attempt that than to give myself a new, more difficult challenge.

“What challenge?” you might well ask. I wrote my first book in multiple third person point(s) of view. That accomplishment made me proud, especially when I held my work of art in my eager hands. (don’t laugh, it’s not polite) For the sequel I gave myself a new challenge. To write in the first person and still make the story move forward. I am writing a trilogy, so the whole plot had to move forward, not just the life of Liannis, my main character. I think it worked. At least, that is what readers and reviewers tell me. Continue reading “The Best Laid Plans”

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