Sneak Peek: Which One Am I?

Which One Am I  Today, we feature a sneak peek of the memoir, Which One Am I?, by Thomas Smith and James Darrell Williams.

There are at least 16 personalities inside James Darrell Williams. But who is he really? And why? Which One Am I? is a singular story about universal truths, horrors and grace. Setting their work apart from other memoirs, the authors explore the nature of family and how Darrell – and all of us — are shaped by culture, history and geography. Darrell and his partner Thomas Smith dug into family secrets, Southern culture and Darrell’s own psyche to explore portrayals of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in culture and psychiatry, linking them with the events that made Darrell the man he is.

Which One Am I? is available through and Amazon UK for kindle and in print.

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Manisha Bhati Announces New Release

love it isAuthor Manisha Bhati is pleased to announce the release of her new book of romantic short stories, Love, It Is!

Love, It Is! is a collection of stories that revolve around everyday lives of people, how they meet, fall in love and what that experience teaches them. The stories identify different aspects of love from different point of views. They convey the message that love brings happiness and hope to a person’s life. Whether you are with your loved one, or you have separated, love still remains in hearts and gives you a reason to go on.

Love, It Is! was released on August 26, 2012 and is available on and Amazon UK in print and as an e-book.

Reading Room Roundup

One way to improve your own writing is to read and study the craft of other authors you admire.

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Book Brief: Overlay

Overlay – A Tale of One Girl’s Life in 1970s Las Vegas
by Marlayna Glynn Brown
Genre: Memoir
110,000 words

Fans of The Glass Castle will appreciate this extraordinary tale of the author’s turbulent yet triumphant childhood in 1970s Las Vegas.

Born into an ongoing cycle of familial alcoholism, the author develops a powerful sense of self-preservation contrasted by the people entrusted with her care. She explores the personalities of the bizarre characters who populate her life as she moves from home to parent to friends’ families and ultimately to homelessness as a young teen.

From her remarkable resources emerges an inner strength that will captivate readers, remaining in their consciousness long after the last page has been turned.

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