Congratulations to Author Jacqueline Hopkins

passionate cooksAuthor Jacqueline Hopkins is happy to announce that her recipe, Wilderness Chili from her book Wilderness Heart, was accepted into the anthology cookbook, Passionate Cooks by All Romance eBooks. The book is now available for free at ARe.

In Passionate Cooks: Free Recipes From Today’s Hottest Romance Authors, over 150 authors of the genre have put their pens and computers aside to don aprons, get down and dirty in the kitchen, and share their love of food. Much like romance novels themselves, the dishes range from spicy to sweet. There is something for every taste and every level of culinary expertise.

For more information on Jacqueline Hopkins, visit her blog or her Author Central PageWilderness Heart is available in print and as an eBook from, and on Smashwords.

The Indies Unlimited Oasis

It was sometime in April 2012. I was parched and past sweating, crossing the vast indie publishing desert on my virtual hands and knees, when a message appeared before me. Maybe it was on Twitter; maybe it was on Facebook. In any case, it didn’t look like a mirage – although who can say, really, with mirages? What criteria can you use, except your own senses? And I knew from experience that sensory input is not to be trusted in such a situation; until you get on top of a mirage, it looks solid enough. Continue reading “The Indies Unlimited Oasis”

Gilligan’s Island -the Missing Episodes

In 1965, halfway through the second season of prime time television favourite, Gilligan’s Island, there was a two week break. Do you remember that happening? I was two, so I’ve only seen the show in reruns, but I’ve heard about the famous gap.

This is how it played out. In between the first and second part of season two, something happened. When the stranded islanders came back there was a difference. The captain and Mr Howell weren’t getting along, and Mrs Howell kept sending sideways glances at the captain while waving her little white-gloved hand at him. The professor seemed like he was hammered all the time and Gilligan had become sullen, and was always off by himself. Something happened in those two missing weeks. There were episodes; real things that happened that were never explained to us. Continue reading “Gilligan’s Island -the Missing Episodes”

Sneak Peek: A Bittersweet Science

A Bittersweet Science by Mark JacobsToday we have a sneak peek from author Mark Jacobs’ new contemporary fiction book, A Bittersweet Science.

A Bittersweet Science offers an epic look into the world of big-time boxing from the perspectives of the many individuals who make up this frequently brutal, yet often entrancing sport. From the exploited fighters who bleed for pay to the scurrilous promoters and slick young television executives who make the backroom deals to the sardonic journalists who are there to record it all with a jaded eye. More than just a boxing story, A Bittersweet Science asks the profound question of whether the ends really do justify the means in a world without objective morality.

A Bittersweet Science is available on and Amazon UK as an e-book.

And now, an excerpt from A Bittersweet Science… Continue reading “Sneak Peek: A Bittersweet Science”