Video Trailer: Joe Café

Joe Cafe by JD MaderThe murder at Joe Café is an abomination. It stops the entire universe. For Michael, it tarnishes everything, including his badge. For Chet and his hostage, it is the beginning of a chase that will lead them through dingy motels and the darkest corridors of their minds. Dogan just wants Sara back. Jimmy the Cat wants to make up for all the time he has wasted. Frankie wants to live a ‘moral’ life, erasing everyone in his path who does not live up to his standards. Conventional notions of good and evil quickly blur as they are all forced to look into the mirrors they have avoided for so long. Chilling and horrifying, whimsical and wretched, Joe Café’s cast of broken characters try to find their way in a world they never understood to begin with…for the Chens, it is easy. They are dead.

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Finding Readers

“Here reader, reader, reader. Here, reader, where are you?”

Finding readers for your books can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. There are the usual marketing things you can do to entice them, and there are a few “out of the box” ones that I have stumbled upon that have helped. Marketing, of course, is important. But sometimes it’s not just the marketing aspect that draws readers to you. We are writers; we are supposed to be creative. It’s in our nature to be. So use it! Here are some out of the box ways to find readers: Continue reading “Finding Readers”

Flash Fiction Voting: Bench-warmer

Don’t be a bench-warmer. Cast your vote for this week’s winner in the Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge! You can check out this week’s entries here. The entrants did a great job with the writing prompt and the merciless constraints of the exercise.  Vote for your fave and then use those share buttons at the bottom of the post to spread the word that the vote is on.

Cast your vote for your favorite flash fiction story this week:

  • #2 - Dick Waters (60%, 28 Votes)
  • #3 - Krista Tibbs (38%, 18 Votes)
  • #1 - Nicholas Forristal (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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Stars, Stars, Everywhere are Stars

A couple months ago, David Antrobus had a post titled, My God, It’s Full of Stars. His point in this post was that an author (or reader for that matter) shouldn’t get too hung up on the numerical rating of a review, instead focusing on what the review says. He was right for many reasons, not least of which is that one person’s garbage is another’s treasure. At least that’s the only explanation I’ve found for the yard sale signs that spring up every weekend. Continue reading “Stars, Stars, Everywhere are Stars”