A Spooky New Release by K. Rowe

Just in time for Halloween, author K. Rowe is pleased to announce the release of her new supernatural thriller/horror book: The Hall.

After two years away from his home of Memphis, TN; wealthy book publisher, Marcus Bishop, arrives to find his beloved city a disaster. The economy is sagging, commerce failing, and buildings are being boarded up at an alarming rate.

One place in particular catches Marcus’s eye: An old castle-like structure situated in the Garden District. Once a resplendent mansion, Ashlar Hall now sits empty and destitute. Money and love alone can’t bring this building back from the brink; it will take Marcus’s soul to free the building from the ravages of time and the spirits that haunt it.

A philanthropist and lover of unique architecture, Marcus decides to buy Ashlar Hall and return it to its former glory. What he doesn’t realize is that included in the business transaction is a love-struck, jealous ghost who will stop at nothing to get Marcus into the afterlife.

The Hall is available from Amazon in print or Kindle format, Barnes and Noble (Nook), and Smashwords.

Memoir of a Memoirist

by Marlayna Glynn Brown
Being a memoirist isn’t easy. Creating art from real life requires story-telling talent, thick-skin, and the ability to hide a character’s identity without straying from truth. Writers like me, who couldn’t produce an entertaining piece of fiction to save their own lives, have no choice but to write what we know.

I’ve been an avid diarist for thirty years. It’s easy and natural for me to record events, thoughts, feelings and interpretations. When I was given writing assignments in high school, college and then grad school, I learned I could only base my work on what had really happened to me, and events I had actually experienced. Jumping from reality to imagination was never easy for me. Any time I tried to veer from reality and create a person or event that didn’t exist or happen, I found myself face to face with my own folly. The recording of actual events and people isn’t always necessarily interesting. A memoirist must be able to weave the threads of reality into a tale that others find entertaining. A memoirist can interlace facts with creative description, and events with ring-side interpretation. Characters and events can be presented, and sometimes shaded as the memoirist sees fit. A writer needn’t necessarily tell the reader anything in particular, and can merely present, or just partially describe without definition. Continue reading “Memoir of a Memoirist”

Sneak Peek: Price of Justice

Price of JusticeToday, we feature a sneak peek of the thriller/police procedural novel by Alan Brenham, Price of Justice.

Price of Justice is a story about loss, revenge and second chances. This thriller follows a widowed police detective, Jason Scarsdale who, while trying to raise a young daughter while solving two murders, unwittingly befriends a grieving mother secretly bent on murderous revenge, drawing him into a web of malice that teaches him the value of breaking the rules. Then, when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did.

Price of Justice is available through Amazon.com and all Amazon channels. 

Here is an excerpt from Price of Justice:

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Tuesday Tutorial: Strut Your Stuff on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, LinkedIn has discontinued this Amazon.com reading list feature.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to show off your books without ever saying a word. Yes, it’s true. And for those of you who whine “but these people don’t know I write and I don’t want to tell them” – you don’t have to. That’s the beauty of it all.

LinkedIn has an option called “Reading List by Amazon.” Sure, you can add whatever you’re reading to that list – but why do that? Add your own books, and they’ll show up every time someone looks at your profile. Genius, eh?

LinkedIn Profile ScreenSo, go to your profile. Click on “More” on the Nav Bar across the top, then click on “Reading List by Amazon.”

That will take you to a new screen, with books that other people in your networks are reading. There is also a big blank box where you can type in the name of your book. So go ahead and do that, then click “Search Books.” (See next image.) Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial: Strut Your Stuff on LinkedIn”