Video Trailer: Seized

It’s December 2012: Naomi Witherspoon has a pretty sweet life. She’s a well-respected mediator in Denver and her long-time boyfriend has just proposed. But as the winter solstice approaches, she begins to realize that people are agreeing with her too readily. Then a white buffalo calf bows to her in a dream. And a Native American man seems to be following her. Seeking answers, she attends a sweat lodge ceremony on the winter solstice. There, she learns a Lakota goddess has drafted her to mediate a war in heaven. Will Naomi help the goddess? Does she have a choice? 

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Beating Back the Crowds at My LibraryThing Author Chat

Author Mike Markel

by Mike Markel

A lot of people have been coming up to me on the street, asking me how my Author Chat on LibraryThing went. Well, not actually a lot of people. In fact, nobody. But that’s the good thing about social media tools: instead of just muttering to yourself like a crazy person you can broadcast your mutterings without feeling quite so crazy, although to be honest I think it means you’re crazier or at least more pathetic.

So, I went on to do an Author Chat, which would last a week. My first novel, Big Sick Heart, a police procedural, had recently been published. Also doing an Author Chat at the same time was Samantha Bruce-Benjamin, author of The Art of Devotion, which the critics were calling a haunting debut novel that evokes an age of elegance and grace. I didn’t like any of those words, mostly because I never hear them used in connection with me. Continue reading “Beating Back the Crowds at My LibraryThing Author Chat”

What’s On Your Mind?

The talented and underfed staff at Indies Unlimited cuts a wide swath through subjects of interest to our readers, but that doesn’t mean we have covered every topic imaginable or of interest to you.

Sure, we could continue to use our amazing mental powers to divine your areas of interest; or we could just ask you what you’d like to see addressed. That’s the whole point of our reader request feature, You Asked For It.

Last time around, we got questions from IU readers Renee Pierce Williams, Elina Castro, Melody Stiles, J. Johnson Higgins, and Matt Valenti. Our staff divvied up the requests and wrote posts to tackle the questions asked.

So we are asking again. What’s on your mind? What issues, areas, controversies, tutorials, surveys would you like to see IU undertake?

Sneak Peek: Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening

Sleeping Dogs_The AwakeningToday we have a sneak peek from author John Wayne Falbey’s new techno-political thriller, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening.

Nature’s beta models of the next evolutionary leap forward in human beings were molded into the blackest of black ops units. It was dismantled and the men ordered terminated with extreme prejudice. Faking their own deaths, they went to ground for twenty years. Now they’re being reunited to stop a foreign power from destroying the US from within. Someone let the Dogs out. This book works the same side of the street as Brad Thor and other modern thriller writers. Closely tracking the issues behind today’s headlines, the plotline weaves cutting edge developments in technology, weaponry, and genetics research with the political intrigue occurring inside the Beltway today.

Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening is available from Amazon.comAmazon UK, KoboSmashwords and Barnes & Noble.

Here is an excerpt from Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening:

Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening”