Vote for Book Trailer of the Week (October 12th)

Three different video book trailers were featured this week on Indies Unlimited. Now it is your turn to vote for the one you felt was best. No money—no prizes—all for the glory.

movie lightThis week’s entrants are:

1. Rising from the Shadow of the Sun
    by Ronny Herman de Jong

2. Alligators Overhead by C. Lee McKenzie 

3. The Shoulders of Giants by Jim Cliff


Vote for your favorite video book trailer featured this week on Indies Unlimited (10/12):

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Should I Care About Amazon Author Rankings?

As if we didn’t have enough things to make us crazy, Amazon has come up with a new one—Amazon Author Rank. This is different from the “sales” rank for individual books on individual platforms. The new ranking combines all your books sold on Amazon—Kindle, hard-copy, and multiple titles.

Where are you in respect to other authors on Amazon?

You can access this new ranking on your Author Central Page. A new tab, “Rank,” appears right next to the old “Sales Info” tab. Click on that and you’ll see how you rank from Amazon’s perspective. Continue reading “Should I Care About Amazon Author Rankings?”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Run of Luck

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Luck comes in all varieties. Mostly, folks think of it as good luck or bad luck. The simple truth is, most of the time, people don’t know the difference.

Getting a flat tire when you’re already late for work might seem like bad luck, but it may have been the thing that kept you from getting T-boned at another intersection.

Sometimes, the things we think of as good luck really turn out not to be so good. It was that way for Jeff. He’d had a long run of good luck gone bad. He’d pretty much gotten everything he’d ever really wanted. It’s just that it always turned out that what he wanted wasn’t what he really needed.

Jeff was no gambler, but he felt he had no choice but to take the last little bit of his money and head to the riverboat. He didn’t win at the tables that day, but what happened would change his life forever. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Run of Luck”

Book Brief: Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon
by Robert Rosen
Genre: Nonfiction/Biography/Memoir
70,000 words

The “official” version of John’s five-year tenure as househusband was one of domestic bliss. In reality, Lennon’s daily life at the Dakota drifted between contradictory desires and minor obsessions—all magnified by the tedium of isolation.

Nowhere Man is an intimate journey through Lennon’s last years, carrying us from his self-imposed seclusion to his re-entry into public life with the making of Double Fantasy. Rosen does not let us go until we’ve faced the abrupt and tragic fate of one of the most creative minds of our time.

This title is available from Amazon USAmazon UK, and Barnes and Noble. Continue reading “Book Brief: Nowhere Man”