How to Write a Book Review

I used to be a magician’s assistant. Nothing fancy. I did a few close-up bits that kept kids quiet on airplanes; I knew a few secrets that David Copperfield paid me not to tell. Mainly I wore a leotard and fishnets and pointed at things so no one would notice the magician furiously changing his clothes behind a screen. Much of it I’ve forgotten or have promised my lawyers I’ll never reveal until I see a few more zeroes on the offer. One trick, though, I can reliably pull off: when readers tell me they like my books and I ask them to post a few words for an Amazon review, these nice people invariably disappear. Ta-dah!

Seriously. Was it something I said? I shower regularly. See my dentist twice a year. Or perhaps the font in my messages was too impertinent?

Maybe, as some of my writer friends have suggested, putting a few thoughts together about a book feels too intimidating. Maybe you don’t feel like a “real” reviewer and therefore don’t know what to write. Well, here at Indies Unlimited, we pride ourselves on helping readers as well as authors. And on the creative way we rip off pay homage to those who’ve had some pretty darned good ideas. So here are a few templates we’ve shamelessly swiped from Mad Libs and modified to fit our evil uses borrowed to help stimulate your review building. Enjoy.

Author: Laurie Boris

Laurie Boris is a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and former graphic designer. She has been writing fiction for over twenty-five years and is the award-winning author of four novels. She lives in New York’s lovely Hudson Valley. Learn more about Laurie at her website and her Amazon author page.

21 thoughts on “How to Write a Book Review”

  1. There’s an old saying – You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Same goes for people writing reviews…

  2. Great post Laurie. When I started doing reviews I remembered my English Lit teacher in high school. She was very particular about how a good review should be written. Even after all these years I couldn’t forget her instruction. Love the templates – had never thought of something like that. So very helpful for everyone. Thanks!

      1. Thanks, Laurie for this tutorial. You make it sound so easy. BigAl is going to love my submissions from now on, I’m sure of it. 🙂

    1. I think I shall use these templates from now on, BigAl. Laurie covered all the bases, right? 😀

  3. Well done! I am contemplating including the last template in the back of all subsequent editions of my urban fantasy series. Although I’ll have to rewrite them all first to add a little white dog, I guess. Hmm.

  4. -giggles- I’m with Lynne! We should include a review template at the back of each printed book, complete with a stamped, self-addressed envelope! Not sure what to do about digital books though. Maybe we could bribe them with offers of cookies?

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