Special Encore: Best References for Fiction Writers

[IU Staff Slavedriver Laurie Boris is away on special assignment. Since November hails the beginning of NaNoWriMo, we thought it appropriate to run a special encore of Laurie’s excellent article on the best resources for fiction writers. That, and I’m too lazy to write an extra post, but mostly the first thing. – Hise]

Search the Internet, and you’ll find hundreds of books and websites about how to write and sell fiction. I’ve scanned many over the years, but there are very few I go back to again and again. Here’s a cross section of what I’ve found to be among the best. As usual, your actual experience may vary. Continue reading “Special Encore: Best References for Fiction Writers”

Indie Author Amazon Policy Survey

Indies Unlimited is conducting a survey of the indie author community regarding some policy changes recently implemented by Amazon.

We are interested in the views of indie authors* regarding three particular areas of Amazon policy change. Please respond to all three questions below: Continue reading “Indie Author Amazon Policy Survey”

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