Lin Boelz Announces New Release

vampire dollsAuthor Lin Boelz is pleased to announce the release of his new horror novel: Vampire Dolls.

Everyone knows vampires cannot enter your home unless you invite them. But dolls are welcome in any home. A lone vampire hunter witnesses an ancient ritual that moves the evil spirit of a murdered vampire, into a Victorian doll.

Adocinda, spurred on by her drive to subjugate humans and rebuild her vampire clan, now inhabits a new body. No one suspects the evil within the beautiful doll.

Alden fears he knows the truth, but even the hunters do not believe what he tells them. By the time they realize the truth, it could be too late.

Vampire Dolls was released on October 11, 2012 and is available through, Amazon UK, and Smashwords. 

My Way Or the Highway!

A guest post
by Dick Waters

My way or the highway! You’ve most likely heard that expression, but hopefully you will see that my way is the highway.  Have you ever learned from someone else’s mistake? I have, and I’ve also learned from my own. I’m writing this to help at least one person not make the same mistake I did publishing my first novel.

As I write this I think of Route 66; a great road for a scenic drive, but not the one to take to get where you’re going in an expeditious manner. Super highways were built to provide a more direct route. Publishing is experiencing the same scenario – ‘traditional publishing’ versus ‘independent publishing,’ or self publishing. Continue reading “My Way Or the Highway!”

You’re Going Viral

Hundreds gather to protest global warming.

How times change. What would have been a pointed insult  in the not so distant past, is now a reason to cheer. Did your photograph, quote, video or blog post go viral? The social media world will not quarantine or blackball you. Rather, your success will brand you a marketing genius and the world will follow your every step. Pimm Fox will interview you on Taking Stock.

Why do you want to go viral? Because. If you wish to create your masterpiece in obscurity and never feel the rush of adrenaline as you walk into a room and realize that the people are there to see you, then stop reading this post. It is perfectly fine not to care about interacting with others, be they your niche readers, local book clubs, or other literary/social venues. But if you do care, and want to use the power of the Internet to create a viral phenomenon, then read on. Continue reading “You’re Going Viral”

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