THE BOOK OF JOBS: what Steve is doing on The Cloud

THE BOOK OF JOBS: what Steve is doing on The Cloud
by Skye Atman
Available from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

NOTE to Apple fans: Steve made a successful transition to The Cloud and is doing well! Despite the arduous journey, he’s impressed by the design of the place, and thrilled when John Lennon does his orientation—he gets the Magical Mystery Tour.

Steve is a reluctant resident, however, not happy to discover that he is subject to the same rules as all the other Cloud residents and must do his time, despite his secret plan to return to Earth immediately. His mighty, but futile, efforts to circumvent the reincarnation eligibility edict lead to lasting friendships and spiritual growth.

Future Fiction Press, Oct 2012, available in paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, author’s website, and ebook for Kindle, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions.

You’re Welcome!

Pompous Ass Publishing has just issued a statement that international sensation and author extraordinaire Bob Hammond has released his latest title: Exceptional Talent: The Bob Hammond Story.

This book is the latest among hundreds (or possibly far fewer) penned by the iconic Hammond. Exceptional Talent is actually his twelfth autobiography, joining his other bestselling (supposedly) nonfiction titles like: All About Me; You’re Welcome, World; Memoir of One Very Special Guy; and Hammond, For The Win.

The book’s foreword was written by Preston Endicott-Hayes, President of the Very Prestigious Author’s Association, who says, “The inspiring Mister Hammond was born as a mere infant. Lacking the ability to write, all his very earliest works were dictated painstakingly to his mother. Who knows what gems were lost to mankind as she left the typewriter to change his diapers? One cannot help but be moved to inspiration as Hammond relates the story of his first day at school. When the teacher explained the class would concentrate upon learning reading and writing, Bob’s riposte was, ‘For my liking, you may forgo the lessons in reading, for I was born only to write.‘ And write, he has!” Continue reading “You’re Welcome!”


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