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“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

Where Writers Win was born from a keen desire to help great writers become successful authors. It’s been a collaborative effort of the WWW team to create a one-stop experience for the emerging author: offering social media and media trainers, videographer and website designers, editors, research hounds and author marketing bloggers.

But emerging authors contribute as well, because they’re on the front lines talking about what’s really needed out there. And what folks have been telling us is that you often just don’t have the time or expertise to research your author marketing options. So out of frustration, you pay someone else to do that for you. Sadly, much of the time you’re disappointed, overcharged and under-served.

We know plenty of writers who pay (too much) for a blog tour with stops that don’t cater to their genre, or with a lackluster following. Or they’ll discover that paying a publicist will require hours of research (translating to bigger fees) before any real work can begin. With the margins on books these days, such costs can be hard to recoup, especially if you’ve already invested (as you should) in editing, design, website, etc.…

Too many good authors aren’t getting the recognition they deserve simply because they don’t know how to get to that right time/right place. Publicists are great – but wouldn’t it be nice if you could hand them a list of the best reviewers in your genre and save them (or you if you’re doing your own marketing) hours of work and expense (yours) weeding through the thousands (yes, thousands) of so-called review sites? Or find the coolest conferences, indie bookstores, writers’ retreats or book festivals, all in one place?

Ultimately, authors tell us that they want more control, but they can’t lasso all the information available and organize it. Sort of like having post-it notes on every surface in your house… where does one begin? It’s overwhelming.

With the all-new launch of Where Writers Win’s new Winner Circle (which coincided with our one-year anniversary on May 1), we aim to corral this info for authors. We’ve picked up every post-it note, numbered it, and put it all in order. In a massive round-up we’ve done the herding; weeded out what you don’t need, and lined up the information so that you can take back control and lead the charge to market your own work.

Our subscription-based suite of cool tools will include:

• The best book review sites, vetted and rated and matched to your genre

• Book clubs that have been contacted and are open to a direct author approach

• Independent booksellers that love indies as much as traditionally published

• Independent as well as new hybrid publishers

• Blog directories where you should get listed if you’re trying to get noticed as a blogger

• Conferences, book festivals and contests that afford the best opportunities to find an audience or win a publishing contract (or cold hard cash!)

• Deals and steals on publishing services and conferences

• Templates and tutorials to enhance and organize your author marketing

• Online tools, those creative problem solvers that can rev up your author marketing

• The opportunity to guest blog at WWW

• And even a members-only forum to exchange info

Best of all, we know things are changing at the speed of light in this brave new marketing world and so we’ll guarantee that all this information is updated regularly, and our diligent team will be adding new content each and every week!

And, when we decided to create the Winner’s Circle, another primary concern was affordability. Personally, we don’t know too many authors with cash to spare. By making the annual subscription affordable ($59.95 – which is really just $5 a month) we know they can recoup the investment, just in the hours of time saved!

To celebrate its launch, WWW is making membership in the Winner Circle even more affordable to initial users: For a limited time, registrants can use the coupon code “www30” and enjoy $30 off – 50% off their first year’s subscription.

To learn more or to join us in the Winner Circle, visit http://www.WritersWin.com/Join-Today

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