A.C. Flory Joins Indies Unlimited Staff!

We are pleased to announce that author A.C. (Andrea) Flory will be joining the staff of Indies Unlimited as a contributor.

A.C.Flory is an Australian writer who detoured in teaching and technical writing before finding her niche in science fiction. Her other passions include biology and genetics, foreign languages, opera, video games, four-legged animals and food. Her written work includes user manuals for off the shelf software and a debut science fiction novel titled Vokhtah. Learn more about author A.C. Flory at her blog, Meeka’s Mind, or her Amazon author page.

Aside from being an author, beta-reader, and blogger, Andrea is one of the most supportive and positive people we know. Please join us in extending a warm Indies Unlimited welcome to A.C.

Good English Word Polish

[Indies Unlimited is brought to you in part by the fine people at Good English, a division of Imelda’s Offshore Holdings and Shoe Equity Fund.]

Authors, is your manuscript dull and lackluster? Are your characters flat and lifeless? Are you plagued by embarrassing typos and malapropisms?

Professional editing can be costly and time-consuming. What’s an author to do?

Thank goodness for Good English Word Polish! Just spray some on your manuscript and watch your prose glisten.

Good English removes unwanted adverbs, strips away verb-tense conflict, aligns backstory, corrects unseemly timeline errors, and eliminates repetitive phrases.

Best of all, Good English Word Polish is non-toxic and typo-allergenic. Try some today! You’ll be glad you did.

Who Are You?

Imagine for a moment that you have been invited to a costume party especially for authors.

You must dress in a costume that reflects the kind of writing you do. If you write in more than one genre, your costume must incorporate some element from each genre.

The game is that readers who attend will try to divine who you are from looking at your costume.

The more genres in which you write, the more elaborate your costume becomes; which may mean it will be harder for readers to guess your identity. That’s not how you win in this game, though. You win by being recognizable. Continue reading “Who Are You?”