Sneak Peek: Boxes for Beds

Today we have a sneak peek from the historical mystery novel by author Maryann Miller: Boxes for Beds.

Leslie Richards, author and single mother, moves from New York to the sleepy town of Pine Hollow Arkansas to get away from a past she’s hoping to forget. Forgetting becomes impossible when the local sheriff decides she’s a prime suspect in the kidnapping of a baby, and her secrets are threatened in this historical mystery set in 1961. Sheriff Bates doesn’t trust northern do-gooders who have “Come to tell us how to treat our …” and bows to pressure from the mob that controls Hot Springs. Will Leslie get railroaded for a crime she did not commit? Can she forgive Ronald for walking out on her?

Boxes for Beds is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

And now, an excerpt from Boxes for Beds

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Being Merely a Reader

Conventional wisdom says that as soon as you publish one book you should write the next. The point of this advice is understandable: don’t obsess about who’s buying your work, don’t rest on your laurels, build your backlog, be professional and proliferative. To tell you the truth, though, the idea of diving into another novel right now makes me want to cry. I’m exhausted. I imagine it’s like being in a delivery room after a natural childbirth while the goo is still being sucked from the nose of your newborn and before the endorphins have kicked in, hearing your husband say, “Let’s have another one. Or two. Or ten.” People have been murdered for less.

I don’t really want to commit a capital crime, so I’ve decided to ignore conventional wisdom for a while and shut off the stories in my head to go back to something I used to love: reading. For pleasure. Switching off the computer and all of the lights and curling up to spend half the night turning the pages to find out what happens or just to be wrapped in the atmosphere of the words. Continue reading “Being Merely a Reader”

Tutorial: How To Get A Gravatar

We still get emails asking why folks don’t see their happy faces next to their comments here on Indies Unlimited. That would be because you need to get a Gravatar. How do you do that, you ask? Well, Ms. Zoe Lake is going to tell you. Since this tutorial was run just about a year ago, if you notice something doesn’t jive, please let us know. – The Admins.

Are you like me and ever wondered how all those other bloggers, and the like, have their image on their posts? Have you spent hours trawling over a website looking for the magic button that will allow you to upload your image too, only to be disappointed when you just couldn’t find THAT MAGIC BUTTON! and ended up feeling downright frustrated with a headache to boot?

Well wonder no more my friends, because this is how you can have your image on your blog and forum posts too. is where you can access this great, free (Yippee!), online program that will allow you to do all of the above! Following is a short tutorial to help get you started.

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How Important is the Timing of Your Social Media Posts?

We’ve already told you a ton about why and how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a vital part of your online empire. K.S. Brooks has even shown us how to build one. (Minions and Death Star sold separately.) But is the timing of your posts and tweets important? Um, probably. Continue reading “How Important is the Timing of Your Social Media Posts?”