Bestseller List Secrets Weekend: Vancouver

The Bestseller List Secrets Weekend aims to put the “SELF” back in “SELF-PUBLISHING”.

In this two day intensive, hands-on course given by Martin Crosbie and Kathrin Lake, you’ll learn:


  • How the professionals make Amazon’s bestseller lists
  • How to use Amazon’s Tools for maximum impact
  • Get top indie reviewers to review your work
  • Learn how to utilize give away promotions that can net you $10,000’s of $$$
  • Create your own professional product without spending a fortune
  • Building a support system that works
  • Gain media attention without trying

Sept. 21/22 in BCIT’s beautiful downtown campus in Vancouver, BC

Early-bird admission fee (until end of May) is $199. Regular admission is $349.

For more information, please visit the event link here.

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Sneak Peek: Lies I Never Told

Today we have a sneak peek from the new collection of literary fiction short stories by Martin Crosbie: Lies I Never Told.

Martin Crosbie, bestselling author of “My Temporary Life”, presents us with a glimpse into the rear-view mirror of life. Crosbie’s writing is so quiet that when the crash comes you suddenly realize you’ve been gripping onto the edge of your chair, living the story along with the main character. In this intensely personal collection, he writes about relationships, sex, children, guilt, and sometimes, the absence of guilt.

Lies I Never Told includes four new, original stories, one previously published short story, and the first chapters of his bestselling novel “My Temporary Life” and the follow-up “My Name Is Hardly”.

Lies I Never Told is available at and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Lies I Never Told

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Featured Author: Julia Ibbotson

Julia Ibbotson is the award-winning author of The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen, first published to acclaim in the USA and now re-launched with a brand-new cover by her new English publisher in the UK. Julia has been writing creatively all her life (unpublished!) but her day jobs to pay the mortgage have been as a school teacher and latterly a university academic, gaining her PhD at the age of 57. She delights in being a wife and mother to four, with four little grandchildren. She loves reading, gardening, growing food, cooking for family and friends and country life. Having published many academic texts and papers, she came late to actually publishing her creative writing, at the age of 60 plus, when she was persuaded to write the story of the renovation of her Victorian rectory in The Old Rectory. She has combined memoir, history, research, story and recipes in this first published book, which has won a number of international book festivals in the biography category, gained 5 star reviews on Amazon, and has been widely featured (along with her house) in the media. She has begun to delve into the world of blogging, facebook and now has her own website at at which she also posts blogs regularly, about writing, life and her passions. Her new project is a trilogy of novels following the life story of a new character, Jess, through from fleeing to West Africa as a volunteer teacher/nurse in the 1960s to the millennium. The first of the series, Drumbeats, is due to be published later this year. You can find out more on her website and on her author page on Amazon. Her global internet book tours start soon! Continue reading “Featured Author: Julia Ibbotson”

Stand Alone Or Not

We hear it pronounced with solemn certitude and serious mien. “Every book must stand alone.” It’s like a natural law, immutable, never to be questioned, whether you have twenty books in a series or just two. Continue reading “Stand Alone Or Not”