May Video Trailer of the Month

Ah, the movies. Don’t we all love them? Did you happen to catch the fine assortment of video trailers we showed during the Sunday matinees on Indies Unlimited this month? Let us know which one you liked best by voting for Trailer of the Month. Take a look and pick your favorite. No cash. No prizes. It’s all for the glory!

Check ’em out for yourself by clicking the links! The contestants this month are:

Fat Diary

The Burning of Cherry Hill


Silks and Sand

Vote for the Best Video Trailer in May!

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The Secret World of EdgeRank (and you thought Amazon was bad?)

Facebook is the primary social domain of most writers and readers. While Goodreads may be more specific, no one can come close to the 1 Billion people on Facebook. However, we struggle with standing out in that huge crowd. Last week, I posted a few tips on what to do to get your posts in front of more eyeballs and you can find that post here.

Apparently, this struck a chord. A couple of the Indies Unlimited stars decided to try out a few of the tricks, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute. First, let me give you a little more background on how Facebook works. Continue reading “The Secret World of EdgeRank (and you thought Amazon was bad?)”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Into Thin Air

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Their orders were simple: Follow the two witnesses and dispose of them.

Marco and Tony had done what they could. They followed the two little nerds out into the countryside. Marco had even thought how easy the mooks were making it for them.

It was late at night, and Tony was following the tail lights of the vehicle. Then the vehicle turned off the highway and started driving across a pasture. Tony was about to follow, when the tail lights just disappeared. They walked out into the pasture where the car had been. It just wasn’t there.

In 250 words or less, tell us a story incorporating the elements in the picture. The 250 word limit will be strictly enforced.

Please keep language and subject matter to a PG-13 level.

Use the comment section below to submit your entry. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Into Thin Air”