Sneak Peek: The Vintage Egg

Today we have a sneak peek from The Vintage Egg, a collection of six science fiction stories by A.C. Flory.

The first story, The Vintage Egg, is about a ruined sand racer, and one man’s dream of restoring it. The last story, The Egg Run, is about that man’s grandson, Tim. Tim has shared his grandfather’s dream since childhood, and now the dream is about to become reality. But what will he do when the one, great challenge of his life is over? The Gamer and Brehak are two stories about full immersion online gaming, and the need to retain a sense of self. The To-Do List is about family, and robots. The Christmas Roast is about family, and synthetic life chickens called SL’ick.

This book is available from Amazon.

Here is an excerpt from The Vintage Egg

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Video Trailer: Class Action

Class Action tells the story of young litigator Alek Moreyl, who unexpectedly has to win a unique and important case. After tense courtroom hearings, disaster strikes the city, and Alek is almost killed. He finds evidence of a global conspiracy, of which the case is a small part, and is unwittingly sucked into a frightening world of terrorism. As international tensions rise, Alek must reveal the truth to try and prevent the next European war, but powerful states will do everything to stop him.

This month, if you can identify the music in this video, you can win an autographed paperback copy of Class Action. Find out how here.

Class Action, the suspense novel by author Chris James, is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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A Helping Hand…transferring your notes and highlights from your Kindle or Kindle app

Just lately, I seem to have come across a number of people who have been scratching their heads, wondering how to get their notes and highlights off their Kindle/Kindle app. It’s not hard, I promise. Hopefully, these step-by-step tips will help.

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